Reasons To Take A Core Momentum Trainer Live Course

The Core Momentum Trainer developed by Escape Fitness and FASTER Health and Fitness has developed the online and Live Core Momentum Trainer Instructor Courses

How does the Core Momentum Trainer Work? At the end of each movement, users feel a sudden force. Work effectively and you hear a sharp, sudden sound. The sound of the collision in the Power Core provides an accurate indication of how well the exercise is being performed. When you are working effectively with the CMT the material
hits the Power Core sweet spot and you hear a sharp, sudden sound. A longer, less sharp sound indicates that you are losing focus or are becoming fatigued, so it’s time to up the effort or move on to another exercise. The removable handles allow for more specificity. Exercises can be performed sitting, kneeling, standing or traveling.


Here are a few reasons to take a  Core Momentum Trainer Course:

– A great tool for mobilization/movement preparation allowing users to prepare themselves for training more efficiently & effectively
– A specialist personal training tool allowing trainers to use this training tool to  improve their sessions, improve their client’s experience, and offer something new & unique
– An exciting, fun, and interactive group exercise class to offer something new, unique, fun in the studio which will improve member experience, offer better results for core strength, abdominal definition, weight loss, & cardiovascular improvement (as Crunch Gyms are doing in the US with the Body Rocket with CMT class)
– A specialist physiotherapy tool for rehab & injury prevention to improve the functionality, range, and strength of muscles, ligaments, and connective tissues around our joints.

Ok, don’t take my word, watch the testimonials of trainers who have recently taken the Core Momentum Trainer Testimonials:




Take a listen to John Hardy who developed the Core Momentum Trainer Live and Online Education Program


So now is the time to get involved with the Core Momentum Trainer and FASTER Health and Fitness is the exclusive education, provider. Below is next  Live CMT Courses in the UK. Be the first in your area to bring the Core Momentum Trainer to your clients! Class size is limited to provide the personal attention to each trainer, so sign up now! By taking part in these courses, you will be able to add a great core training tool for your client’s training program. Since the CMT has been recently released to a few select health clubs, you could be the first trainer/club in your area to introduce the Core Momentum Trainer, you can increase the number of clients and revenues. The feedback we have been getting has all been very positive from trainers and their clients.

Here is a couple Core Momentum Trainer Resources:

We Love Our Core Momentum Trainer Facebook Group

Core Momentum Trainer Briefing Paper

Energy Escape Guest Blog post from FASTER Course Director, Joanne Groves via Escape Fitness Blog

As with all training tools, creating a great motion with the CMT is vital. To do this, we use a system called ‘energy escape’. Although the term energy escape is not, in scientific terms, a recognized theory, it is linked to the role of the peripheral and central nervous systems, and their ability to protect joints. For example, in a squat our brain may want our body to stop, which aims to protect the knee and hip joints, telling the brain that if the movement is performed any further, it runs the risk of injury or damaging the joint. READ MORE HERE

If you have any questions about the Core Momentum Trainer, please shoot an email to Michael Landau . I will answer all your question and put you in touch with one of our Core Momentum Master Trainers.  We believe that the Core Momentum Trainer will be a great hit with you and your clients.


Michael Landau

FASTER Health and Fitness