Neural Notching is a made up term that I have used to help Trainers and Coaches really delve into the difference between Performance and Skill training, as well as understand the misconceptions behind Strength, Power, Rom, and Mobility.

It gives you the ability to see more clearly the question that needs to be asked, before we jump into the answers, and so will leave you at a point where the techniques you choose for a client will be accurate, effective and efficient.

Based on the latest research on Performance and Skill Development, I explore how the different focus can be detrimental to each other and furthermore how that is a big problem when you develop exercise and programming strategies to help a client achieve their end goal.

In this video, I look at a simple squat and show the skills you need to start helping someone improve their squat. It will help you see that in the end things are not so complicated, but first, you need to get that initial question defined.

Here is the video and also a link to the online and live courses –

Neural Notching Live 30 & 31 July Active 4 Less Luton


Neural Notching Online

Neural Notching Live