FASTER is changing. I guess changes started way back in January when we launched a new website with revised Diploma courses . But now, we are moving on apace, and every so often we hear from a student who has got a bit lost in this whirlwind year, or maybe been busy working and not kept up with our emails, facebook presence and status updates. So, here’s the lowdown on what we are about, and where we’re heading.

1. In January 2012 we launched our website, which then held our newly revised and extended courses. We added in exciting new short courses Rule the Kettlebell, and Stop.Turn.Accelerate.

2. In May 2012 we held our first ever Convention, which was an outstanding success. Trainers, therapists, motivational speakers and coaches from both sides of the Atlantic presented, held early morning workouts and partied with us. It was an unforgettable three days.

3. In June we started to grow and develop our active Facebook groups. By September these numbered over 20.

4. In July 2012 John Hardy left the UK with his family to start his dream of building a FASTER presence in the US. Thanks to internet and technology, he hasn’t really left – in fact he seems to be more productive, more involved than ever before.

5. This autumn we launched a whole range of Specialist courses, including Performance and Therapy which replace the old Diploma. We also extended our workshops and short courses.

6. In September 2012 we launched which hosts all our courses and our new social platform. We also introduced (and and reinstated fasterglobal as our flagship website.

7. October 2012 sees new changes in the way FASTER is headed up in the UK. More opportunities for those seeking Trainer Licences, a few guys already known to us taking on new roles within the company: we are getting stronger and feistier!

8. Here’s where you come in: we are asking you to be part of the community, not just collect certification. We are NOT your average training provider. So, get on the social platform and get talking. Ask us all your questions about your clients, your sport or your business. Get involved in our courses and feedback to us on them too, compete in the Kettlebell Pentathlon, write articles for us, let us know what you think and we WILL listen.