It has been an interesting few days, sharing where FASTER has come from, and what it is.  I thought what I should do, is to get on here and share this with you.



I set FASTER up in July 2006, in order to improve the way Personal Trainers and other movement specialists worked, and learned.  It was an idea of mine to produce the next set of experts in our industry.  I am proud to say we are starting to see these people come through at pace.  Recently it has been suggested that FASTER may be based on just one other mentors ideas, and so I wanted to address the balance, as FASTER is a company of multiple influences!

FASTER is built on some core concepts –




Where this is the order we expect to work in with a client without a diagnosed injury, with a slightly different order when working with a client who has a diagnosed injury –




These concepts came from various sources, that I want to share with you.

Coaching, by far the most important component in my opinion, comes from a variety of sources.  Some of the biggest influences in this field include –

John Jarman (Former local coach – bags of enthusiasm)

Don Howe (Former England Soccer Coach)

Graham Alexandre – (Executive Coach – taught at David Lloyd Management development course)

Timothy Gallwey (inner game of tennis)

Kelvin Giles (Top Olympic and team sport coach)

Vern Gambetta (Top US Coach)


I was first introduced to the concept of sequencing for performance when I started to train as a football coach.  Simple things such as how the body should line up when you strike the ball, to how to help you a player head the ball.  My University degree revolved around coaching, and so when I got in to fitness, I struggled with the fact that exercise and performance did not match.  This was a problem until I met these people –

FA Preliminarily Badge!

University of Luton

Bob Esquerre

Gray Cook

Mark Slavin (RTS)

Tom Purvis (RTS)

Thomas Myers (Anatomy Trains)

Gary Gray and Dave Tiberio

Tom Hyde

Antonio Stecco

Mark Hines

By building a form, called the HMAC, I started to learn the real power of understanding sequencing.  It is important at this point to note, that back in 2007 (March), I was the ONLY person talking about sequencing in this way.  The companies that I was studying with at the time, had the notion that everything was connected, they taught some of the motions, I will be in dept to the NASM, Mark Slavin, Tom Purvis and Gary Gray for the thought process of looking at motions over different planes (defined as thousands by Mark Slavin, Tom Purvis and 3 by Gary Gray).

The HMAC is the key to everything FASTER does and has defined the way we build exercises and techniques.  Finally the component that the industry focuses on, but I think is the last part of the puzzle, is how to change structure.  This is the place most of the industry is both stuck and being taken for a ride.  I have lists of people who have helped me to develop and understand this, but I have to say number 1 and the only go to guy I have to help me on this, is Mark Hines, the ultra-marathon runner, nutritionist, bio-mechanist (proper sort that is good at electronics and maths!) and top researcher.

Only by replicating the exact motions that are required by your client, can you guarentee carry over.  Movement with symmetry, stretching, directly effecting fascia, squatting and lifting for speed improvements in other motions, applying the 3D hammer to everything, is just so far off what happens that we need to have a fresh look on designing exercises and programs.  Over the next set of blogs, I am going to share some of this with you.  For now I wanted you to know, that FASTER is built on a large background of information and influence.

So probably best to thank all of the above, PLUS – NASM, NSCA, ACE, YMCA (my first qualification), Nick Studholme (also the best person for sharing a geek talk with), Richard Boyd, Annette Lang, Bobby Cappuccio (who I still need to call), Neil Poulton and so many other people who influenced the journey…

Thank you for reading the personal journey, there are at least another 100 people I have forgotten to add, but I needed the world to know that FASTER is a combination of a lot of time experience and influences and not just a one source company.