Weight Training with Dumbbells and Barbells


Today we head back into the gym for weight training with dumbbells and barbells. These training tools can be used in functional training in mind. This workout can be intensified by increasing weights for each training tool per set.  This workout is perfect for strength and weight training. If weight training is your niche, please take a look at FASTER’s Performance Lifting Course.

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Dumbbell Training:

One of the oldest uses of dumbbells is to increase the gravity load on the body. By moving dumbbells around the body, they become effective at enhancing momentum. Holding dumbbells as a support while doing body weight exercises on the floor changes ground reaction forces. Dumbbells allow for a free movement of limbs so very specific exercises can be designed.


Barbell Training:
Barbells are the traditional training tool that can be used in many ways.
In traditional and Olympic Lifts, they work as the ultimate in gravity enhancers.
Using the Barbells rolling property then they can change gravity reactions while creating momentum.
As a long level or asymmetrically loaded training tool then the barbell is great for momentum.


Workout:  60-second intervals per exercise, 20-second rest between exercises, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 dumbbells squat with narrow feet and press to the side



Exercise 2 barbell jump 1 to 2 rotate right and left with push wide



Exercise 3 dumbbells push press traveling forward



Exercise 4 barbell pull to rotation hanging



Exercise 5 dumbbells lying push from chest to knee with rotation



Exercise 6 barbell squat and row