Barbell Training
Barbells are the traditional training tool has many uses. In traditional and Olympic Lifts, barbells work as the ultimate in gravity enhancers. The rolling property of barbells can change gravity reactions while creating momentum. The barbell used a long level or asymmetrically loaded training tool also creates momentum.
The exercises below are a mix of weighted barbell and the barbell with no weights.  The amount of weight to use is based on your clients experience with weight lifting.  A suggested workout would be 5 sets of these 6 exercises. Barbell exercises will enhance your client’s overall strength and conditioning.

Exercise 1 barbell roll outs side to side

Exercise 2 barbell lunge wide and press forward

Exercise 3 barbell bent over row wide to narrow


Exercise 4 barbell pivot right and left with press forward movement


Exercise 5 barbell squat and row

Exercise 6 barbell upright row movement


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