Full body workout with barbell and dumbbell exercises. This is a tough workout for your clients.  These upper and lower body exercises will help increase strength and conditioning. Please always remember the safety of your clients. If you would like to increase intensity in this workout, speed the tempo!

Take 30 breaks between exercises and then repeat 3 times!

Exerciser 1 45 seconds of Dumbbell 3 Point Prone with one arm reach

This exercise is about training in’tension, keeping the torso still, while moving a limb. Energy escapes through the posterior muscles of the shoulder. The supporting muscles run from the big toe all the way up to the muscles holding on to the opposite shoulder.

To modify this exercise, then the base of support can be increased by simply bringing your knees to the ground.

Exercise 2 45 seconds of Dumbbell Bent Over Row from Low to High

In this exercise, the energy escapes through the shoulders and upper back as the dumbbell returns towards the ground. Other muscles that are important in this movement include the Gluteal Group, Hamstrings and the stabilisers and extensors of the lower back.

This exercise can be modified by training one hand at a time, and having the other hand act as support on a bench, if you struggle to maintain a bent over position for the 45 seconds of work.

Exercise 3   45 seconds of Dumbbell Side Lunge

This Exercise is designed to have energy escape on the stationary leg, through the adductors.  The moving leg will drive motion through the quads as well.

Due to the nature of the exercise, your back will only have to deal with a minimal amount of rotation, extension and lateral flexion, however if you feel a lack of range here, please feel free to hold the weights in front of your waist to reduce this pressure.

Exercise 4  45 seconds of Dumbbell Alternate Rotational Lunge and Rotational Press.

This is a great whole body exercise to push energy escape out of the abdominals, quads and abductors.

Range and form should always be pain free, and modifications can include pushing forward, or lunging to a step. These changes work especially well if you feel a restriction of movement in your shoulders or your back.

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