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This week I have been reading studies on predicting injuries in Football.  After a discussion about Strength and Conditioning and its importance for injury prevention and performance enhancement in football, I wanted to have a read and check that I was still up to date on my research.

A summary of what I found was that –

The biggest cause and also predictor of injuries appear to be related to the volume of training the footballer is involved in

Previous Injuries were the best predictor of further injuries.

Range of motion is the most important factor in reducing injuries for a footballer, especially in the later years of their career

Strength and Conditioning was one of many factors that can relate to a footballers fitness

Based on the reading I have done on speed and skill development, which I have added to the new mentorship courses, then I would suggest drills that involve range of motion with body weight control or exercises that improve speed (through acceleration or top speed).

Here is an example of some exercise for range of motion in the lower body –

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