Today I wanted to try mixing VipR and Sand Bags (By Escape Fitness) exercises in a workout. I think the change up between these two training tools might provide a little getting used to. Hopefully the transition between each exercise will get a bit easier.  I like the difference of the structure of the VipR with a wide grip to the Sand Bag with a narrow grip. This workout provides strength training and great core workout.

The VIPR is(Vitality. Performance. Reconditioning) a great training tool designed specifically for functional training. Its multiple handles allow for variations in momentum. The weights allow it to work as a great way of enhancing gravity in movement. Due to its durability, the VIPR can be jumped over and so provide a challenge to ground reaction. ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance and reconditioning goals of your clients

Sand Bag (By Escape Fitness) : The unstable load makes users work harder and activates the stabilizing muscles throughout the whole body. This bag is tough too – the robust material makes this the ideal tool for indoor and outdoor bootcamps. A unique feature of the Sandbag is the reinforced handles. Multiple handle positions add new variety to fundamental lifting patterns. As well as throwing, our bags can be placed across the shoulders or chest for more challenging squats and jumps. The Sand Bag easily provides your clients with a full body workout. The Sand Bag can be used in your clients personal training circuits as well as small group training circuits. The Slam will help everyone reduce or eliminate stress! Try to refrain from throwing at each other!


60 second intervals with 30 second rest between exercises

Rinse and Repeat 6 times, please


Exercise 1 vipr pivot forward and back with press forward



Exercise 2 Sand Bag Transverse Pivot bent over row low to chest frontal



Exercise 3 vipr jump right and left in sync with push wide



Exercise 4 Sand Bag Frontal Pivot bent over row low to chest transverse



Exercise 5 vipr leg reach backward and press forward



Exercise 6 Sand Bag Transverse Pivot slam and high pull sagittal



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