Trio of Training Tools 

Today we will combine 3 training tools, GripR, Kettlebell and Core Momentum Trainer. I wanted to mix the workout with training tools that will require your client to adjust to a variety of types and shapes of training tools. This workout will provide a functional training workout, strength training and ultimate core workout.

GripR (By Escape Fitness)

Trains deep core muscles while adding an exciting and unpredictable element to your workouts – your body never knows what’s coming next. The unique rubber printing treatment stretches with the fabric, ensuring it doesn’t crack or deteriorate over time.

Check out FASTER’s:  GRIPR Training


Recently, this sport has made it back into Fitness, and so FASTER has designed a course to show how you can develop different exercises for this sport, to develop your endurance and techniques in different ways to improve you and your clients ability in the sport. In fitness, it will show the faster exercise development in the process.

Check out FASTER’s: Rule the Kettlebell


Core Momentum Trainer (By Escape Fitness)

Because of the high accuracy with which the CMT can target the right muscles used in specific movements,
you can create bespoke exercises for clients that want to improve performance in specific sports. There is a great business opportunity here: once you have successfully worked with one client on movements for their golf game, for example, you can now promote a specialist programme for golfers.

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15 Aug 2015 Denver

Core Momentum Trainer Live 5 September 2015


Core Momentum Trainer Live 26 Sept. 2015


Workout:  60-second intervals per exercise, 20-secnd rest between exercises repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 Gripr Pivot Rotation With Press To The Side



Exercise 2 Kettlebell Halo clean



Exercise 3 The CMT being used for Golf



Exercise 4 Gripr Grab Grip Supported Squat Thrust In Sync Narrow to Wide



Exercise 5 Kettlebell Alternate Snatch clean



Exercise 6 Core Momentum Trainer Launch pivot lunge