Trio of Training Tools: CMT (Core Momentum Trainer), Sand Bag and GRipR all by Escape Fitness

Today’s workout will use 3 training tools by Escape Fitness. Core Momentum Trainer and GripR are part of FASTER’s Functional Circuit Training Course These training tools will create a full body workout.  We will use these tools with body weight exercises.  The CMT will concentrate on core training and core strength. The Sand Bag builds overall strength and conditioning. The GripR is an excellent functional training tool that will keep your clients guessing what will be next.


Core Momentum Trainer

REACH THE CORE, ACCURATELY AND EVERY TIME – As the name suggests, the CMT is all about developing the core – and all of the muscles involved in performing movement. The lubricated steel shot inside the CMT collides with the cavity walls and this force transfers to the user. It’s a significant force and you have to work hard to precisely control it – and that’s what develops core strength.
MOVEMENT AND SOUND COMBINE FOR INSTANT FEEDBACK – Performing a movement correctly makes sure that the material collides with the ‘sweet spot’ in the cavity. The shape of the CMT and the material itself ensure a force is generated to get the core reacting in the optimum way. Hitting the sweet spot also creates a sharp, sudden sound. A change in tone occurs if the user loses focus or becomes fatigued, so users and coaches alike get instant, audible feedback to accompany the physical experience.


Sand Bag Training:

The unstable load of the Sand Bag, makes users work harder and activates the stabilizing muscles throughout the whole body. This bag is tough too – the robust material makes this the ideal tool for indoor and outdoor bootcamps. A unique feature of the Sandbag is the reinforced handles, while the number of handle positions offers true versatility. Multiple handle positions add new variety to fundamental lifting patterns. As well as throwing, our bags can be placed across the shoulders or chest for more challenging squats and jumps. The Sand Bag easily provides your clients with a full body workout. The Sand Bag can be used in your clients personal training circuits as well as small group training circuits. The Slam will help everyone reduce or eliminate stress!


The GRIPR is ideal for individual exercises but, as it’s made to withstand the toughest of treatment by using micro grade steel sand within a double stitched neoprene bag.  It is  also perfect for small group training sessions where it can be used for dynamic throwing and explosive catching drills. Progressive and suitable for a wide range of users. The steel sand displaces rapidly, so bags can be placed on the arms, legs and feet.
Trains deep core muscles while adding an exciting and unpredictable element to your workouts – your body never knows what’s coming next. GRIPR’s work as a Momentum Tool because of the unique shape.  GRIPR’s work as a Gravity Tool by offering a lot of different weights.


Workout:  60 second interval exercise, 20 second rest, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 Core Momentum Trainer launch and transverse opposite side lunge



Exercise 2 Sand Bag Transverse Jump big curl ankle to overhead frontal clean



Exercise 3 Gripr Pivot Rotation With Press To The Side


Exercise 4 CMT Transverse Lunge Same Side Catch



Exercise 5 Sand Bag Sagittal Jump big curl ankle to overhead frontal clean



Exercise 6 GRIPR Squat pelvis wide and press rotation



Exercise 7 CMT punch bent over position



Exercise 8 Sand Bag Transverse Jump slam and high pull frontal clean



Exercise 9 Gripr prone two hand jump rotate left and right