The cable pulley machine is one of our favorite pieces of fitness equipment. It’s versatile so you can work every part of your body with this machine.  Your client might be a bit scared of the  size of the cable pulley machine can be quite daunting, so take them through how the machine works. Coach your client on appropriate weights and movements. Cable Pulley Machines is one of the best core training tools to include in your clients exercise program. Cable Pully Exercises also will build strength in upper and lower body.  Here are 3 Cable Pulley Machine Exercises you can include in your clients programs. Please click on this link to subscribe to our Cable Pulley Machine Exercise Video Library . If would you like to learn exercise design theory and gain access to over 1500 fitness videos please check out our latest course Functional Training Circuits

Exercise 1 Base Exercise Cable Pivot left and right with press side

Exercise 2 Base Exercise Cable Rotation and Press Wide

Exercise 3 Base Exercise Cable Lunge Back