Body weight squats are a great way of performing body weight exercises to help achieve results for your Personal Training clients. The squat is a whole body movement that can be driven by technique or by the goal of motion, depending on your own Personal Training style.

Using 1 leg squats rather than 2 leg squats is ideal with a body weight workout because it allows the non-dominant leg to work hard without having the option of bailing out. This can lead to a less coach dominated Personal Training Session.

All three body weight squat exercises could form part of an outdoor circuit, an indoor group class or a one to one session. These exercises if done with the right intensity and over the right segment of time, would work perfectly as part of a warm-up, cool-down or the main personal training session.

Exercise 1 Body Weight Squat feet turned out movement

Exercise 2 Body Weight Squat Thrust right and left rotate in sync movement

Exercise 3 Body weight 1 leg squat with forward reach movement

All these exercises should be performed in a comfortable range. The opposite foot can be used to for stability as well. Performing these exercises near places where you can grab support if you go a little too far is no problem either. if you would like to see additional body weight squat videos please subscribe to Body Weight Exercises Channel . If you would like to gain access in one place to over 1500 fitness videos and learn the theory behind exercise design please check out Functional Training Circuits  And for  a FREE personal training course check our homepage.