After a recent debate on Facebook, I thought it is important I put out a blog post. I am driven to improve the industry, and I am driven to do this by improving trainers.

FASTER recently has been involved in an amazing project, after eight years of bringing the Core Momentum Trainer to market so we can share its quality with trainers around the globe. One of our partners, Escape Fitness, who we are proud to work with, have been instrumental in this. Escape have backed the product by building it, protecting it, owning it and getting it into the industry.

Have a look at the link here – CMT from Escape!

On a forum online, this was highlighted as a fad, which after days of arguments was shown to be down to the marketing. This thread though brought up some deeper problems in our industry.

The deeper problem is that people have started believing their own, or their gurus own statements, without questions.

It is worse than that though; they are using statements straight from the 90’s Guru handbook –

– Using techniques ahead of science
– Science is corrupt
– Science can prove anything
– Common sense training
– Tried and tested training
– Experience is more important than being in a lab
– Everyone needs strength
– Opinion is important
– I am a great coach
– Look how much I trained myself to lift
– Look who I have trained
– Look how I look
– Look how many courses I have done
– My coach says this and (add in all the Looks!)

Here is the problem, Personal Training is not a specific job it is a generalist of a job. As is a coach, strength conditioning coach, physiotherapist and almost any other job involving training a human.

If you want to train people you need to be very good at assimilating information. Even more, the BEST, the VERY BEST in our industry in a field, is still probably not a patch on people who research a specific niche.

Components of being a great Personal Trainer –

– Psychology
– Physiology
– Nutrition
– Injury Recognition
– Injury Rehabilitation
– Performance Enhancement
– Pain Management
– Fatigue Management
– Skill Development
– Emotion Management
– Marketing
– Sales
– Social Media Manager
– Website Designer / Technician

The list goes on, and it overlaps. So it is impossible to be great at all these things. Also, it is impossible for an education company to be great at all these things. So what is the trick to being a master in our field and yet keep our feet on the ground?

The trick –
– Learn processes for answering questions
– Consistently follow the processes
– Belong to groups that share the processes
– Read beyond what people share with you

If you do this, then you will end up applying these processes plenty of times. You will always be up to date with information, and your experience will become useful. It is like useful experience, over junk experience.

Here is one for you –

1 – Ask the right question
2 – Look for science-based blogs and experts in the field to point your next phase of research
3 – Try to find papers (abstracts to start with) based on the research in the blogs (use pub med)
4 – Use review papers to help you find original papers to read
5 – Sift through the research and narrow it down by
– Age of the Study
– Quality of the Journal (IF)
– Specifics of the study
– Authors relevance to the study
– Size of the study
– Results of the study
– Amount of times the study has been cited
– Amount of times the study has been replicated successfully
6 – Make some conclusions based on the balance of the evidence for and against your decision

It is important to try and do the above without bias, this is why it is important to have a group of people helping you to decipher the information.

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For those of you who have read the Chimp Paradox, then this was written in conjunction with my Chimp, Mildred!

Mildred the Chimp - from the Chimp Paradox