Today we are going to stick with two  training tools, Training In’tension workout with Suspension straps and band exercises. Training in’tension includes 2 of the main skills we believe all clients require, to a certain extent, to be better at moving and get better physical results. These exercises focuses mainly on being supported (often called suspended) by straps (we use and bands. We use the handles from our straps ( and then a Reebok speed band ( These body weight exercises will provide core training and aerobic workout as well. This workout will work the upper and lower body making a great full body workout.



60 second intervals with 20 second rest between exercises repeat 5 times


Exercise 1 suspended standing press from shoulder to above head wide and forward



Exercise 2 band supported squat thrust out of sync wide to narrow



Exercise 3 suspended squat with narrow feet and press to the side



Exercise 4 band split squat jump from narrow to wide with over head push sideways



Exercise 5 suspended squat thrust feet suspended legs narrow out, wide in, narrow out



Exercise 6 band pivot rotation with press to the side



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