Personal Trainers need band and suspension exercises, so we provide them!


Training in Suspension

Since buying my first suspension trainer in 2004, from a small stand in the US, training with body weight, supported by a strap has grown massively as a fitness trend.  Now this way of training for fitness or the Core has become a staple of most Personal Trainers programming.  At Faster we have 5 defined skills that we manipulate to match to our clients needs.  Two of these are based around a system we call Training In’tension, where we attempt to make either a limb, or the spine, more rigid than the rest of the body, while at the same time allowing movement to occur.  The ‘feeling’ the client gets is often one of stability in the joints being held still, the transfer from training to everyday life will depend on how well you make the exercise match their mechanical and energy system outcome.

Check out this playlist of exercises for some examples of generic exercises you can change to meet your needs.

Here are all of our Suspended Exercises, using the excellent kit

Training with Bands

Bands have always been a popular way of training people, bands allow for easy transport, they offer enough resistance for the average client and they are not as intimidating as other pieces of training equipment.  At faster we put the band to the 5 defined skills that we train around, then develop exercises to move the limbs and keep the torso still, or to accelerate the body in to new ranges, increasing the clients ability to slow down new motions.

Theses exercises below are to help you with some starting points where you can adapt each exercise to make them closer to your clients goals.

Here are all of our band exercises using the band from and the handle from our

If you want to do more with these, and see how to program the exercises for a better workout, then take our coach, or our specialist course (or both) and learn the thought process that will transform these exercises in to a bucket load more, and match them to training goals and energy systems for the perfect client fit!