Today I thought of combining Band Training and Sand Bag Training to create a mini training circuit. I am looking to improve my reaction time to different body movements caused by a variety of training tools.  So, for the record I am not the a great athlete so my coordination is a work in the progress.  The mixing up of training tools will provide the variety in a fitness program to keep one interested and provide full body workout.


Band Training: Bands have an increasing curve of resistance as they get longer. Bands can be used creatively, can change ground reaction force by moving your center of gravity. Bands can assist and resist gravity. Bands also work as an unnatural momentum force on full ranges. Momentum, or initial power creation for end ranges work really well with bands. Bands are  great sports specific training exercise because  you can pull a client off course while  the client is headed in a certain direction.

Sand Bag Training: The unstable load of the Sand Bag,  makes users work harder and activates the stabilizing muscles throughout the whole body. This bag is tough too – the robust material makes this the ideal tool for indoor and outdoor bootcamps. A unique feature of the Sandbag is the reinforced handles, while the number of handle positions offers true versatility.  Multiple handle positions add new variety to fundamental lifting patterns. As well as throwing, our bags can be placed across the shoulders or chest for more challenging squats and jumps. The Sand Bag easily provides your clients with a full body workout. The Sand Bag can be used in your clients personal training circuits as well as small group training circuits. The Slam will help everyone reduce or eliminate stress!


Workout:  2 minute intervals  per exercise

30 second rest period between exercises

Repeat 4 times


Exercise 1 band squat with pelvis rotation and press to the side



Exercise 2 Sand Bag Frontal Jump bent over row high to chest frontal clean



Exercise 3 band resisted spotty crumps (There Back!)



Exercise 4 Sand Bag Sagittal Jump big curl ankle to overhead frontal



Exercise 5 band split squat jump with backward push



Exercise 6 Sand Bag Transverse Jump slam and high pull frontal



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