Today’s Training Tool: Medicine Ball


Today we will use the Medicine Ball as our training tool for a functional workout. This workout provides not only strength training but a great core workout as well.
Medicine Ball Training:
Medicine Ball exercises have progressed a long way since they were first introduced to the fitness world.
They work great with gravity due to the variety of weights of medicine balls.  Medicine balls offer  a unique grip challenge.  Having the ability to move the ball close to the body or far away allows for momentum changes. Moving the ball across the ground creates momentum challenges for the body to defend.  Travelling over, or on and off the ball changes ground reaction and clients reactions.  The mix up of the exercises ensures your client’s focus throughout the full body workout.

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Workout: 60-second intervals for each exercise, 20-second rest between exercises, repeat 5 times


Exercise 1 medicine ball 3 point hand lunge wide



Exercise 2 medicine ball curl narrow to wide



Exercise 3 medicine ball hop thrust



Exercise 4 medicine ball hand pivot rotation



Exercise 5 medicine ball jump 1 to 2 right and left with push forward