Today’s Training Tool: Dumbbells


Today we will be strength training with dumbbells. This workout is all about your guns! The workout is a high-intensity one, so the weights will do not be great but getting as many reps as possible. Your client’s safety is paramount, so coach your client on the appropriate weight for each set.


Dumbbell Training: One of the oldest uses of dumbbells is to increase the gravity load on the body.
The dumbbell becomes effective at enhancing momentum by moving them around the body. Holding dumbbells as a support while doing bodyweight exercises on the floor changes ground reaction forces. Dumbbells allow for a free movement of limbs so very specific exercises can be designed. Dumbbells are integral to your client’s weight training.


Workout:  60- second intervals per exercise, 20-second rest between exercises, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 dumbbell lateral lunge and lateral overhead press




Exercise 2  dumbbells hand lunge forward



Exercise 3 dumbbells squat with narrow feet and press to the side



Exercise 4 dumbbells lying push from chest to knee wide



Exercise 5 dumbbell push press