The purpose of this article is to share with you the power of networking. FASTER is built on the fact that it is based around community, not courses. The networking side of this business is massive, and the fitness industry is small, so once you break into a group of the leading experts, then you tend to stay there. In 2001 I started learning this, by meeting Bob Esquerre and then Annette Lang. Richard Boyd was next and then it was an avalanche of people that I got to meet and interact with. In 2002, I went to a cutting edge conference, put on by the NASM. That conference set me up in my career.

Now, I want your 2012, to be my 2002! All those ten years ago, I flew to Las Vegas and sat through a conference, with 249 other people, and I watched some of the best names in the industry of the time share with me some great information, passion, talent and desire. They inspired me to learn, they mixed with me and became my friend and now I have the opportunity to recreate that. In those talks were people such as Gray Cook, Mark Verstagen (Athletes Performance), Carlos Santana, the great Bobby Cappuccio, the great Annette Lang, my first mentor Bob Esquerre and many more names who now shape the industry.

This year I have put together a collection of my best friends and mentors. These people are awesome, and they will all be in one place, for you to meet, learn from, play with and possibly become friends with. It will be these connections that will set you up for the next ten years and help you grow as I did. I know that the people you meet and interact with on this weekend will be people who you will be able to work alongside and interact with for years to come. This is the FASTER community being built on a bigger stage. As I have learned, it will be important to meet these people in lecture, in workout and in play. We are providing all of these at this convention, we have day 1, 8am to 6pm of lectures and then a special evening with the presenters for our FTE students. On the Friday we workout at 6am-7am, then 8am until 6pm is a host of top presentations, with few breaks and lots of information. The Friday night will see us all meet up and have a casual night, you will need an early night here, because we are back on for the Saturday morning at 6am-7am to train again! Then lectures from 8am to 6pm and then we have a wrap up party from 8pm onwards, with our bandaoki night…the presenters, at least some of them, will be up on stage wailing out tunes to the live band.

The presenters you will meet are all my friends and more importantly they are all people I look up to. The best gift I can give back to the FASTER community is to share these people with you. I really truly hope you make the effort to sign up, I know you will love it and get so much from it that I wish I could drive around to all of your homes and tell you in person how great these three days will be. If you are serious about being a great personal trainer, or working in the top level of sport in conditioning, or knowing how to rehab someone from a diagnosis, knowing all the different mechanics around your clients body, the effect of pain management and the truth about why strength is irrelevant to protecting a joint, then you have to be here. If you want to be mixing with the best Olympic Coaches, the best Rugby Coaches, professional footballers and their coaches, fitness industry legends, motivational and mind body connection experts and more importantly a host of the most successful and innovative people in the industry, in the world, then you need to be here.

Over the next few days I will be telling you why you need to listen to and meet these people. I want you to be as successful as the people I have already introduced to my network of friends. These include TRX master trainers, ViPR master trainers, Trigger Point and Grid master trainers, Premiership footballers private trainer and a couple of trainers who have successfully been able to organise to work in the US.

Book now and be part of the next 250 super stars in the industry, in sport or in physical rehabilitation. No-one else would open up all of these contacts to you, they would hide them so they could keep learning and getting better, while you stalled.

Additionally, if you sign up, then you will be getting some surprise courses online very shortly from some of the authors and we will have the pre/post convention interaction group set up too, so you can learn all the way up to the convention and stay in touch after.


See you at the convention,