Here is a blog penned this week about the Hub Pro,  written by Fitness Blogger and good friend of FASTER  Stephen Morrison

The Hub Pro completely underpins the Faster training philosophy. It allows complete freedom for my clients to express themselves through movement, in an environment that easily lends it’s to task driven exercises to promote skill development with enough distraction to hit the right energy systems to smash their physical adaptation goals –

Scott Devenney, Faster Trainer.

One of the benefits of being a fitness blogger is getting involved with exciting campaigns and new products. Last weekend I got my first hands-on (literally) experience of the Hub Pro when Scott Devenney ofSD Movement invited myself and my boys, Danny, and Jack, to Kelvingrove Park for some fun (his words).

The Hub Pro is the brainchild of John Hardy, of Faster Global and before I share my thoughts on it, I thought it would be good to quiz its creator about its origins and its applications.

1) So John, who are you?

I am a frustrated footballer, football coach and then reluctant Personal Trainer; I have been in the industry either full or part time since 1994. My drive is to help people move better, using the science of skill development, as studied by sports coaches for years. [John is far too modest. He is also an amazing educator and mentor to many ].

2) When did you first envisage the Hub Pro?

I built a course called Stop Turn Accelerate, where I wanted to improve the skills of my clients by using extrinsic targets (so no coaching on body positions, but instead a focus on actual physical targets that require a movement solution). The drills I devised all sat around the client, and each ‘lane’ running from the client was a different challenge, if only by angle.

This is the thought process I then used to build a set of lined targets, from a center point, which was laser cut into my first studio on Hyde Park corner.

3) What has enabled you to now get it produced and on the market?

I have had this idea with me for 3 years as a concept I wanted to launch. At a convention in Florida (IHRSA) I made sure to connect with a company I knew through a sales person I had worked with at TRX. When I launched the TRX education through my business, I worked really well with Nadeem and so an opportunity to do this again was too good to miss out on.

4) Who is the Hub Pro for?

The initial version (there are two more Hub products in the pipeline) can train up to 16 people at one time and is aimed at the Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Boot Camp owner, School Teacher and Sports Coaches.

5) What does the Hub Pro do? How does it help people to move?

The hub is the equivalent of bringing a well-designed gym floor with you, and putting it on any surface. It allows a trainer or coach to easily specify an external target, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in skill from a client.

As the shape is familiar, lots of people just get into the hub and start moving. They do not need instruction and tend to find cool ways of working through it, on it, into it, in and out of it and sometimes straight over the top of it!

6) Why should I add it to my training?

For the individual, this is a great way of building fairly complicated exercises, really easily. Trainers who use this though have a way of building and managing 8, sports teams, multiple clients and individual clients easily. It is light and easy to transport, and when laid down, it provides a better space than a lot of gym floors do.

7) Where can I find out more and where can I buy a Hub Pro?

Currently, we are taking reservations for the Hub Pro, just email Michael Landau @ FASTER Health and Fitness

So, how do I rate the Hub Pro ?

As a tool, it is very simple. There is not much to it and it will probably not win any design awards, which is a shame , because it does exactly what it is designed to do. It gets you moving.

By my own admission, I am not the agilest or coordinated. The Hub Pro gives me a framework to improve how I move and it makes me think about how I move.

I tend to shuffle when I run and when training on the Hub, I kept catching my feet on the rungs. Every time I did this, it slowed me down and I cringed with embarrassment as Scott had to realign the lanes. It didn’t take me long to learn to lift my feet and this can only help my running.

During our hour-long session, Scott gave us very little instruction and he allowed us to discover ourselves how best to complete the task at hand. It was both empowering and exciting.

Just watch this video of Jack and notice how he eventually “gets” it!

The Hub Pro is ideal for 1-2-1 training and group training and the kids seemed to love it. My two didn’t complain once ( a revealed minor miracle) reveled in trying to complete the challenges set. It distracted them from the fact that they were exercising and Scott provided enough variety to keep them entertained and interested.

More importantly, it allowed the three of us to train together. Encouraging my boys to be active is important to me and in the Hub Pro, I have found a way for them to train with me (and maybe keep them off tablets and laptops).

If I’ve piqued your interest and you would like to learn more, then there is still time to sign up for Scott’s Mobility 101 course, this Sunday, where you can experience one of original 6 Hub Pros produced and learn how to move better, using the Hub Pro and the techniques taught by Scott.

To reserve your Hub-Pro please email Michael Landau @ FASTER Health and Fitness

If you live outside the US, to order your Hub Pro  contact they can give you a quote to ship it since it is international shipping. Taxes and duties may apply.


Thanks once again to Stephen Morrison for writing this blog. You can stay in touch with Stephen’s blog