Since spending time (years in fact) with my friend and FASTER trainer, Andy Driscoll, and then meeting the golf coaches Rich Ellis and Brian Green I have become a little obsessed with Golf. Also it is a great way of showing how the foot and the thoracic work together, and oppose each other for great effect, especially in power-producing sports such as golf.

Here is Charlie, who does play some golf, improvising a back swing in our Baker Street gym.

In order to improve a swing, it is important to look at both the Thoracic and the foot, link the two and make them work as they should. In the following video, I have built a skeleton doing a backswing to try and show how the left foot is collapsing/ loading, while the Thoracic Spine is rotating right and laterally flexing left. Both these motions happen together, with the foot finishing its loading phase earlier than the Thoracic, in order to provide the return spring of the club, ready to hit the ball.

Using a combination of a Thoracic ADS (Assisted Dynamic Sequencing technique), as seen below

..then a mid foot release hands-off, using an exercise such as the one below (shown on the right foot, but in Charlie’s case I would perform this on the left foot)

By using these two techniques I would be able to get the client to generate more range and better sequencing and hopefully improve their swing, increase the amount of time they can play for, or help them reduce the amount of pain they feel after playing a little too much.

I want to also point out at this stage, that I am not ignoring the hips. I just find that a Golf Professional will spend a lot of time on the hips and often avoid the foot and ankle.

To learn more about linking the Thoracic and the Foot across all movements and for all clients, then check out our Performance Courses a must for Personal Trainers who want to truly understand movement.

John Hardy