John said this week: “It is my big plan to make FASTER the 2012 version of the 2006 vision”, and I know what he means, although maybe I need to explain for some people who haven’t known us so long…

FASTER has been through a rocky few months – like many growing companies, some of the things that gave the company early success just don’t translate to a larger company. Some people enjoy working for the company so much they are inspired to go off and start their own business! And we have been developing websites, e-learning, social platforms, and have been admittedly a little bogged down in some of it just recently.

So now, we want to go back to being “A company that trains trainers to train trainers.” Then, we will have returned to what made us great in the early days, plus with all the advantages of our extended course range, our FTE level and National Trainer arrangement. We are the best of 2006 with all the hindsight advantages of being in 2012.

Hope that makes sense!