What’s your background, prior to working with FASTER?

Before working for FASTER I worked as a personal trainer for Virgin Active in Nottingham. I loved my time there and met some amazing people many of whom are involved with FASTER now. After 3 years as PT I left Virgin to start my own PT business and help set up a studio, again in Nottingham. It started off quite small but ended up with 4 full time PTs , an Osteopath, an Acupuncturist, and other Therapists, and became a place for people to not only train but to socialise, which suited me even more than the training.
How long have you been associated with FASTER?


I did my first FASTER course back in 2007 with John Hardy. It was the Specialist in performance and really blew my mind. Before the course started, I really thought I understood most things in the industry and thought the course would just teach me a few exercises and that would help me in my quest to get into pro sport which was my dream. I did not understand the level of content I had let myself in for! After this course I was sold on all things FASTER and wanted to do every course available. I went back and studied both AFTs and started to realise that I understood more than I thought, well sort of. I then signed up for the Specialist in Functional Therapy which was harder for me not being a therapist and having not even done a sports massage qualification, but again more and more of it made sense. Around this time I was lucky enough to have attended Functional Nutrition as well.

What have the courses done for you and your training career?


Since starting my first FASTER course I have gone on to achieve more than I thought was possible. I left Virgin to start my own PT business and then left that to start a sports performance company called SURPASS FITNESS which works only in professional football and professional golf with my business partner Drewe Broughton, who now also works for FASTER. Drewe was a pro athlete when I met him through John and FASTER so they really have helped me to achieve everything I have done so far. Without the knowledge and the contacts I’m not sure what I’d be doing now. I have co-taught at Fit Pro with John, I am a consultant for premier league football clubs, have written syllabus for academies round the world and can term as friends or colleagues people in the industry I admired for years. FASTER is more than a training company: it’s a community of trainers who share a passion for knowledge and information and it’s great to be part of that community.

Tell us about the Specialist in Functional Performance course. Who comes on this course, and where does it take them?


The Specialist in Functional Performance course is a course for trainers who want to know everything! It gives you the ability to predict every movement sequence, at every joint, in all plains. From this information you can build assessments, movement patterns and write programmes based round that individual rather than a programme based on generic exercises. It gives you the ability to take a piece of equipment and bring it into your thought process and use it the way you want and not the way were told to use it. It’s about getting results and making people better at what they do, not better at things and movements they never do. People who come on this course are trainers interested in performance, who want to be able to analyse movement in everyday life and sport, and work out how to make people more efficient, stronger and better at those movements. Our trainers are great and have gone on to achieve great things, I have students in professional golf , football , rugby and athletics to name a few. But we also have students that run pre & post natal businesses, bootcamps , over 50’s and children’s classes, but all based round the FASTER knowledge which is what makes them different and makes them successful. We’re very proud of each of our trainers and have some great success stories. We pride ourselves on being a company that works hard for our students and tries to give them the best chance possible.

You also teach Specialist in Functional Therapy. What’s the difference?


I do teach Functional Therapy although I believe my strength lies in performance. I guess the main difference is one is teaching you how to deal with injuries once they have occurred where as the other focuses on how to stop injuries occurring in the first place through performance. A combination of the two courses will give trainers all the skills needed to deal with most situations they will come across in their place of work. The therapy course is just so different to any other therapy course available – or any I’ve seen anyway – it enables the student to assess clients in true function and work out not only why the injuries occurred but training round the injury so partner motions at joint up and down the chain aren’t lost. It revolutionised my rehab programmes with my players and I reckon has halved the time spent on the sidelines with injuries.

The FTE is reckoned to be the course for the top level of trainers and coaches. What would you say to that? Tell us about the current FTE students, and how the course is going so far…


Without question the FTE is the top level course It’s John’s thoughts and beliefs on everything in one course so you can imagine how hard it is to learn and I must say it’s even harder to teach. This really does take trainers to the next level. It goes above anything learned on the diplomas and in some cases , as it did with me , bring trainers back to the original thought process and helps them realise what made them great in the first place. I, like many others, after undertaking future education got bogged down with techniques and opinions learned and forgot my original thought process the one that made me successful. There are so many techniques that claim to be the best, the answer or the cure to everything. Even function isn’t right for everyone. The FTE shows you that not one way is right or wrong but just different and all revolve round the original process that bones move, joints feel and muscles react and train how you move. Any technique within this process could be successful but not everything can work for everyone and no one way is correct.