Suspension Exercises

Here are 3 of the many suspension exercises that I have build for FASTER to show how you should rule the tool in Exercise Creation.

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These three jumping exercises are examples of training while having a force driving you around a pivot.  We use a form of suspension strap, to provide this.  In our exercises we choose TruFit to provide the pivot point.

The three suspension training exercises revolve around jumping and pushing.  This moves the direction of resistance on the body during motion, so it is a great core exercise and also has a great carry over to the combat scenario.

Jumping on the Spot with Press

This is an amazing exercise for improving extension through the thoracic spine, in a jump. The suspension strap moves through a circular plane to drive the hands away from the body during the jump. This drives a thoracic extension in the Jump.

Jumping wide with a narrow push

What is great about this exercise, is that it introduces the frontal plane to the motion of jumping. This helps with a new challenge to the core and also carries over to combat situations in sport, in the air.

Jump Wide and Narrow and Push Forward

Using suspension exercises to build skill is something that helps develop all clients from athletes to person from next door. This exercise keeps challenging the clients base of support on landing, while asking the core to be simultaniously producing force and reducing force!

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