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In this feature, I like to run an article on the students from our business who are now doing exceptionally well in the industry. Our trainer’s success if defined by them so could be a superstar level, or it may be a local goal that they met.

Kaisa is a FASTER student who completed my one to one mentorship, and also our FTE and Course Directors courses. I feel very fortunate that we became part of Kaisa’s story, her growth in the years I have known her has been immense.

In 2012 to 2014 Kaisa and I worked together to help her learn the FASTER principles and concepts of fitness. It was a tough time to learn as we transitioned to a science backed education company, from a more guru first system of training.

Watching Kaisa learn and apply the FASTER principles and then go ahead and learn more (including her MSc) was an incredible journey to observe. However one of the big turning points was an opportunity that worked for both Kaisa and me.

As part of a project, I needed to produce 1200 exercises in three weeks. That included creating, filming, editing, uploading and categorising these movements so that they could be used as part of an exercise library.

Kaisa kindly agreed to come and shoot these exercises. During this time, she mentioned to me that she would love to do this full-time for a living. If you are lucky enough to know Kaisa, then you will be aware that this meant she would find a way of doing this and making it successful.

After filming 400 exercises in one weekend and performing them with movements that match the level of athlete that she is, the spark was lit. Within a year, Kaisa had built, in partnership with another trainer, an Instagram account that attracted the attention of Michelle Obama!

After inspiring thousands through her first Instagram account, the Kaisa has gone and done it again with a fantastic new page. In this page, Kaisa goes it alone and produces exercise routines and workouts that inspire people to move. You can now even buy her workouts to do at home.

Make sure you go to Kaisa’s page and follow to see some exercises from a great friend and a top trainer!

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