I was influenced to do a workout of squats, so I thought lets do them weight based  using there three training tools, Dumbbell, Kettlebell and Barbell. Your clients will feel this workout!

Dumbbell Training: One of the oldest uses of dumbbells is to increase the gravity load on the body. By moving dumbbells around the body, they become effective at enhancing momentum. Holding dumbbells as a support while doing body weight exercises on the floor changes ground reaction forces. Dumbbells allow for a free movement of limbs so very specific exercises can be designed.

Kettlebell Training: The Kettlebell is unique in the way its shape facilitates the full potential of momentum.
The Traditional Russian Kettlebell weighs 1 Pood, which is approximately a 16 KG Kettlebell (or 35 pounds). The handle being offset from the body of the weight, means that there is a lot of rotational shift needed to be able to control via the wrist and specific lifting techniques. Due to the handle shape, you are also able to select several different holds. Due to the large shift of momentum, the Kettlebell can be used to increase range, or facilitate power, or both. Positioned correctly, it can help you move from a squat that looks traditionally just up or down, into a squat that challenges the front or the back of the core as a decelerator.

Barbell Training:
Barbells are the traditional training tool has many uses. In traditional and Olympic Lifts, barbells work as the ultimate in gravity enhancers. The rolling property of barbells can change gravity reactions while creating momentum. The barbell used a long level or asymmetrically loaded training tool also creates momentum.


Workout: The workout can be intensified by increasing weight for each set, your coaching skills will come into play with your personal training clients with this workout. Time to Squat!!

3 sets , each set includes dumbell, kettlebell and barbell

15 reps set 1

13 reps set 2

11 reps set 3


Exercise 1 dumbbell wide squat dumbbell



Exercise 2 kettlebell squat with feet rotated out and press rotation



Exercise 3 barbell split squat jump with backward push



Exercise 4 dumbbells squat with narrow feet and press to the side



Exercise 5 kettlebell supported squat thrust in sync wide in narrow, wide



Exercise 6 barbell squat with wide feet and press forward move



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