Today I thought I would center the workout on ye ole squat using Kettlebells and Suspension.

Squats are a great way of performing body weight exercises to help achieve results for your Personal Training clients.The squat is a whole body movement that can be driven by technique or by the goal of motion, depending on your own Personal Training style. Using 1 leg squats rather than 2 leg squats is ideal with a body weight workout because it allows the non-dominant leg to work hard without having the option of bailing out. This can lead to a less coach dominated Personal Training Session. The workout has 6  squats for you to try. They could form part of an outdoor circuit, an indoor group class or a one to one session. The exercises if done with the right intensity and over the right amount of time, would work perfectly as part of a warm-up, cool-down or the main personal training session.

Workout  60 second intervals with each exercise rinse and repeat 6 times

Exercise 1 kettlebell squat with feet rotated out and press to the side



Exercise 2 suspended squat with pelvis rotation and press rotation



Exercise 3 kettlebell split squat jump with backward push



Exercise 4 suspended squat with feet rotated out



Exercise 5 kettlebell squat with pelvis wide and press forward



Exercise 6 suspended squat thrust hands suspended legs narrow out, wide in, narrow out



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