Sports Performance – Improve your turn
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Building the skill of turning is a vital component of Sports Performance Training.

In this video, I share with you a simple technique for building an exercise that can be developed into a power producing sports performance exercise.

Using a squat, I change the sequencing of the movement by encouraging a frontal plane motion from the pelvis in the descent phase of this exercise.

By adding in a turn of the shoulder, then I get the opposite side oblique into a stretch and so I increase the power output of the movement in the frontal plane.

To explode from this movement, the foot and ankle play a part in kicking the movement off from the floor, the pelvis then accelerates fast and the recoil in the obliques compliments the motion and adds to the power output.

Obviously this exercise is about sequencing and so I have not factored in the many other elements required to ensure that this movement can be transferred straight into sports performance.

To build on this exercise, I would want to consider factors such as feed forward protection for fatigue, environmental conditions, reactive scenarios, opposition, equipment, motivation, concentration and much more.

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