Welcome to another blog post/ newsletter.

In this addition I want to keep things short and to the point!

Over the next few days we will be launching our resource center.  This will have a FASTER Newspaper, Wiki, TV Station and Podcast page, where I will be bringing you lots of information and content to show how much I want to improve the industry.

Here are two of the many articles coming to the new resources area, the headings are linked to the article –

The Forward Thinking Human Being

This is an article on how your clients are working in a mode of anticipation at all times, to protect themselves from harm caused by exercise and potential injury.

Building a Personal Training Business

In this article I try to give you some step by step instructions to help you make more sales on the gym floor, while at the same time planning to grow your business.

New Live Courses for 2017

If you did not know we have some new Mentorships out, so you should click on

to our live events and see if any of these appeal to you.

Mentorship Level 3 – Superhero Powers for the Movement Professional

In this course, we will be passing on the skills that usually take years to acquire, through practice and education. We have done this by thin slicing the observational skills of the best trainers and gurus in the industry and putting it into the FASTER designed and built HMAC.

  • Mastering this changes how quickly, easily and well you will see the detail of movement.
  • Learn how to find and evaluate research in order to develop your own science-based style
  • Learn to see and predict every bone motion for any movement
  • Use the information from bone motion to predict joint feelings and muscle reactions
  • Build specific assessments for clients with any problem or fitness outcome
  • Master pain, fatigue and skill development the brains 3 influences on movement
  • Build precise programmes for results that clients
  • Develop marketing and sales skills to get the most from your new skills

As well as all the technical elements we will also be teaching advanced Social Media skills, how to build engaging videos, how to rank them on youtube and how to get them seen and converting clients on facebook and Instagram.

Mentorship Level 4 – FTE (Cosmic Superhero Understanding and Mentoring Skills)

52 weeks of online information and tasks

  1. FASTER – History and Thought Process
  2. How to research and study – Process
  3. Study Examples – Papers and Reviews – Hot Topics
  4. Group Study
  5. Finding the big Questions – Muscle Recruitment
  6. Finding our Answer – Muscle Recruitment
  7. Defining our System/ position – Muscle Recruitment
  8. Finding the big Questions – Injury Prevention
  9. Finding our Answer – Injury Prevention
  10. Defining our System/ position – Injury Prevention
  11. Finding the big Questions –  Training for Performance
  12. Finding our Answer – Training for Performance
  13. Defining our System/ position – Training for Performance
  14. Finding the big Questions – Speed Development
  15. Finding our Answer – Speed Development
  16. Defining our System/ position – Speed Development
  17. Finding the big Questions – Strength Development
  18. Finding our Answer – Strength Development
  19. Defining our System/ position – Strength Development
  20. Finding the big Questions – Flexibility Development
  21. Finding our Answer – Flexibility Development
  22. Defining our System/ position – Flexibility Development
  23. Finding the big Questions – Muscle Hypertrophy
  24. Finding our Answer – Muscle Hypertrophy
  25. Defining our System/ position – Muscle Hypertrophy
  26. Finding the big Questions – Training for cardiovascular performance
  27. Finding our Answer – Training for cardiovascular performance
  28. Defining our System/ position – Training for cardiovascular performance
  29. Finding the big Questions – Long Term Athletic Development
  30. Finding our Answer – Long Term Athletic Development
  31. Defining our System/ position – Long Term Athletic Development
  32. Finding the big Questions – Periodisation for an Event
  33. Finding our Answer – Periodisation for an Event
  34. Defining our System/ position – Periodisation for an Event
  35. Finding the big Questions – Periodisation for a Season
  36. Finding our Answer – Periodisation for a Season
  37. Defining our System/ position – Periodisation for a Season
  38. Learning Theories from Education
  39. How to Mentor Level 2
  40. How to Mentor Level 3
  41. How to Mentor Superhero Sidekicks Trainers
  42. How to Mentor Street Superhero Trainers
  43. How to Mentor Street Superhero Trainers
  44. How to Mentor Superhero Trainers
  45. How to Mentor Superhero Trainers
  46. How to Mentor Superhero Trainers
  47. Core Momentum Trainer – Master Trainer
  48. Power Curve – Master Trainer
  49. GripR – Master Trainer
  50. How to build your teaching brand
  51. How to build your online presence
  52. How to sell and run courses

All of these weeks will be supported with a video, relevant documents and also a discussion group on Facebook, and in our FTE group on www.fasterglobal.com

Additionally, we will be running hangouts, tasks and the 4 days live concurrently with these.

Four Days Live – Meeting 1

All days run 10am to 7pm

Day 1 – HMAC Intensive

Day 2 – Practical Skills for Hands on

Day 3 – Practical Skills for Coaching and Performance

Day 4 – Programming, Long-term development of Exercises

This is an extremely Practical 4 Day workshop, and so I expect you all to be ready to workout / watch and film or get involved.  We will use every training tool we have available, speed work, CMT, GripR the lot!

Four Days Live – Meeting 2

All days run 10am to 7pm

Day 1 – Reading and Delivering from Lesson Plans

Day 2 – Teaching Lesson Plans & Feedback

Day 3 – Teaching Lesson Plans & Feedback

Day 4 – Debrief and planning for the next year of courses, marketing and promoting

This requires you to teach one or more modules for two days.  We will have practiced these already online, but this is an opportunity for you to practice these live and in person, without a whole lot of time to prepare.