Name: Shaun McGill

Nick name: Gilly

Contact: shaun@newcastlepersonaltraining.com

Faster courses done: Core Momentum trainer, Gripr, Specialist football performance, Specialist golf performance, Specialist functional performance, FTE, Course Directors


Courses to teach: Core momentum trainer, AFT specialist football performance, specialist functional performance


Hourly rate: £25 to £50 per hour


Website www.newcastlepersonaltraining.com


Further Info

I have worked with hundreds of clients from athletes, actresses, models, footballer’s wives and business owners to accountants, teachers, nurses, lorry drivers, call centre workers and students and I have also been selected as a trainer on a TV show.

I pride myself on my knowledge and being the most qualified personal trainer in Newcastle having completed over 45 qualifications, courses and workshops.

My business and reputation as a personal trainer really took off after I started to learn off John Hardy and Faster and I am looking forward to pass on the Faster thought process to other personal trainers to help them become more successful within the health and fitness industry.