Running Ladder Drills

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Running Ladder drills designed to improve the speed of your feet with an eventual transfer to playing sport.

This video shows 3 movements through ladders, in one of the runs, the athlete actually changes from 2 in 1 out to 1 in and 2 out! It is okay though, really the speed of feet and the accuracy of avoiding the rungs in the running ladder is more important than the actual choice of 1 to 2 or 2 to 1.

Each of these three movements has carryover to sports performance, especially to team games. Using the running ladder in practice over a short distance is a great way of developing quick feet. The ultimate goal is to remove the ladder and apply the training in a way that is more game-like and realistic.

The three drills in this video are –

2 in 1 out traveling sideways
2 in 1 out traveling backward
2 in 1 out traveling forward

To advance these drills then, you could first rotate through the order without rest. This would mean a lot of thinking about changing the different body positions to hit the ladder with correct 2 in 1 out structure.

The next stage after that would be to call out the route through the ladders, late into a run. This keeps the client reactive and makes the drill more game like.

My choice of running ladder would be from Escape Fitness

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