Name – Richard Kingston
Nickname – Rich
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FASTER Courses Completed – Rich has completed all Faster courses both online and Live.
FASTER Courses available to mentor –Level 3;All coaching level,CMT, Specialist.Level Courses: Functional Performance, Golf &
Hourly Rate- £75

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About me: I got my honors degree in Sport back in the 90s and became a personal trainer a year later after living in the USA for a year. I’ve been working predominantly in central London for 19 years now. I was a senior trainer for a leading personal training company before setting up on my own to train international professional footballers. My only regret is that I wasn’t Faster trained at that time. I found Faster five years ago and it has completely changed the direction of my career. It’s a fantastic company, constantly evolving along with the new scientific evidence that we rely upon to form the basis of our training. I’ve now become something of a research nerd, regularly bothering leading university lecturers for sport science papers so we can all benefit from the latest research.
Out of work I have two children that take up most of my time, and a high-level marathon runner wife. I’m a lover of fantasy novels and Star Wars films, so while being mentored if you need a break to watch a film, or play a little Baldurs Gate, I’m your man.