So today I thought we would bring back the Star Crump workout.  So what is a Star Crump,  simply is a full body workout that has your client face down, arms reach wide and legs reach wide on the floor or the ground. Some might say that the movement is like a star fish crawling on the ocean floor. Star Crumps provide a high intensity full body weight workout. Star Crumps are fabulous core workout.  You can incorporate exercise tools such as the GripR, Kettlebells, Bands and Suspension tools. I selected 5 exercises to make up a HIIT workout 45 second intervals and repeat 5 times, 30 second rests between exercises and 60 seconds between sets.

The StarCrump returns!




Exercise 1 band resisted star crumps


Exercise 2 Gripr resisted star crumps



Exercise 3 body weight fasters famous star crump



Exercise 4 suspended feet star crumps



Exercise 5 body weight crump all left and right



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