Today we are going to pair Cable Pulley Exercises with Suspension Exercises. These two fitness tools will provide your clients a fabulous body weight workout. You can increase the tempo for a more intense workout. These exercises are great for upper body workout.  Your core gets a great workout as well.

Cable Training
Cables are a great way of adding momentum
Adjustable cable columns allow for specific paths of momentum
Using a pull from below will enhance gravity
Using a pull from above reduce the effect of gravity
Being attached to the cable can change ground reaction

Workout : 45 second intervals for each exercise

5 sets with 20 second rest between exercises


Exercise 1 Base Exercise Cable Pivot left and right with press side


Exercise 2 Base Exercise Cable Lunge Forward Press Forward



Training while Suspended
Training while suspended can both assist and resist gravity
Moving while moving the straps can cause a swing like momentum
Hanging up a leg can change the way the body gets to react to the floor
All exercises become core specific and a challenge to stability
The equipment is often light and can travel to be used anywhere

Exercise 3 suspended standing push from chest to above head forward



Exercise 4 suspended squat with pelvis wide and press rotation



Exercise 5 Base Exercise Cable Pull Down



Exercise 6 suspended standing push from chest to knee



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