Today, I thought what would it be like to create a workout utilizing Bands and Medicine Balls. This workout will not only work your clients core training but provide full body weight and strength training.

Band Exercises work as an unnatural momentum force on full ranges .Momentum, or initial power creation for end ranges work really well with bands. Using a band to pull a client off course while the travel is a great sports specific training exercise. Bands have an increasing curve of resistance as they get longer. Using them creatively, they can change ground reaction force by moving your center of gravity. Bands can assist and resist gravity. Bands provide the perfect resistance training.

Medicine Ball Exercises have progressed a long way since they were first introduced to the fitness world. They work great with gravity, going up to large weights and offering a unique grip challenge to boot. Having the ability to move the ball close to the body or far away allows for momentum changes. Moving the ball across the ground creates momentum challenges for the body to defend. Travelling over, or on and off the ball changes ground reaction and clients reactions.


60 second interval for each exercise

20 second rest between exercises

6 sets, 60 second rest between sets


Exercise 1 band standing push from chest to knee



Exercise 2 medicine ball jump 1 to 2 back



Exercise 3 band hand pivot side to side move



Exercise 4 medicine ball jump 2 to 1 right and left with push wide



Exercise 5 band deadlift narrow to wide move



Exercise 6 medicine ball one leg reach back move



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