I wanted to share this exercise combination from our Specialist in Functional Performance notes, just to show a way of putting together some exercises. It is important as I think many trainers do not know there pre-exhausts from their compound sets and if they do, then getting them married up with the correct mechanics and time in tension (vital for physical changes) is an art in itself.

ViPR leg workout

Scroll down for the workout video

The skill of programme design, which is being delivered in a much more comprehensive way, and a way that we believe is unique in functional training, boils down simply to being able to apply systems to your clients desired outcomes. Initially you will need to know what your client requires, so you should be considering finding out the following –

  • End Goal
  • Mechanical Requirements
  • Physical Requirements (body changes)
  • Experiential Expectations (per exercise, per session, per week, per month)
  • Favourite Exercise
  • List of hated exercise

Once you have these you need to decide which exercises you are going to pick and which training tools will work best. In this case I wanted to show you an opposite motion superset using a ViPR.

In all of our courses we aim to give the Personal Trainer the skills to deliver precise and specific programmes to their clients with every exercise being purposeful and enhancing the clients journey to their goal.

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