Program Design with Alison in her garden!

We do this 1-3 times a week on our online* courses (and as part of the live course support)  If you enjoyed this video, then scroll down and see some more about our next course, based on Functional Therapy – The Art of Speedy Recovery and Injury Prevention.

Specialist in Functional Therapy

Who’s it for?

  • Personal Trainers, Sports Performance Coaches, Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Physical Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Certified Massage therapists
  • Movement specialists who want to know it all

Why do it?

  • Learn every bone, joint and muscle and how they react to motion
  • Learn how to apply the FASTER CSS thought process to movement evaluation and creation
  • Learn the 3 functional ways of generating motion for all the big motions of each joint
  • Learn how to create your own functional assessments and solutions for any movement your client requires
  • Learn how to create hands on solutions for movement deficiencies at the Hips, Foot and Ankle, Thoracic, Lumbar, Knee and Shoulder
  • Learn how to create programmes that improve your clients biomechanics and skill sets to avoid getting re-injured
  • Learn the different techniques applied to help injuries recover, and what floors these may present and how they work
  • Learn 8 hours of Functional Nutrition Medicine
  • Learn Coaching, Marketing and Sales
  • Learn with and mix with our other students on our facebook group

How do you learn?

  • Online videos
  • Facebook and Google+ groups
  • Google Hangouts weekly
  • Continued membership to the group, to keep the latest information
  • Live

What you get?

  • Your choice of continuing education points…we register at the start of the course and then you get to get the points after the end of the course
  • Online pre-recorded notes and lecture
  • Online support group on Facebook and Google+
  • Live workshops

Online Mentorship

Next Start Date – June 28th

Special Price

£395 (Roughly $598US and $618AUS)



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