Stop Turn Accelerate XL


The next course starts on April 5th with the first call on April 9th.  It runs every week for 12 weeks.

Welcome to the new Stop Turn Accelerate XL course from FASTER.  I have been working with Justin Richards to make this the best athletic programme design course on the market.  If you want to get amazing results from your athletes, build exercises and workouts that your clients love and that look amazing on camera, then you need to book on. This course will help you with any kind of client but has a definite slant towards sports specific training, coaching and programme delivery.

Check out Justin’s Instagram to see the type and quality of exercise you will get to build yourself by the end of the course.

This course runs online, it uses Hive Learning where every Monday we will release a new set of information for you to read through, and a task for you to complete.  Then every Friday during the course we will have a live hangout, using to show you what we did, review your work and take Q&A’s.  If you cannot make these, then we record them and add them to the course content.

Over 12 weeks you will learn so much you won’t believe how much your workouts change and improve your clients.

As with every FASTER course, if you sign up to this course, then when we repeat it, you get to come on to all the rest of the repeats as our guest.  This means you are always adding to your knowledge and finding deeper levels to the material.

Scroll down to see the full breakdown of the course and a few videos of Justin doing his thing.

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Week 1 – The fundamentals
Defining exercises – How to build the basic movements, all the angles, heights, distances and variables you will need for the course

Week 2 – Skill Development
Turning the basics into motor skill focussed games and challenges

Week 3 – Performance
The key movements and adaptations required to deliver a quality performance, including the science behind this.

Week 4 – Stop
Building Exercises that develop controlled and transferable balance

Week 5 – Turn
Building Exercises that produce a rapid change of lateral, rotational and vertical direction

Week 6 – Accelerate
Developing key performance loading to increase the acceleration of movement from the spot, and from moving up to top speed.

Week 7 – Effective Loading Gravity
Utilising everything gravity has to give us, bodyweight, bars, dumbbells, suspension trainers, medicine balls and more

Week 8 – Effective Loading – Momentum
How to harness momentum to gain optimum stop, crazy turn and rapid acceleration. Plus the use of momentum to increase top speed.

Week 9 – Ground reaction – Obstacles for performance
Cones, hurdles, targets, maps and more, designed to get your clients in a position where they can tackle anything that might try to stop them.

Week 10 – Combinations
Building combinations of different movements to get the killer clusters, where some of these will set your gram on fire.

Week 11 – Dark Place and Party
The secret behind what Justin and the FASTER team do is based on managing the feelings of the client through a system that results in an experience. Two key components are the dark place and the party. It is more than exercise design, it is delivery and focus.

Week 12 – Programming through Story
This is the week you will fully become a different trainer. It is a unique way of ordering exercise, used by FASTER to ensure clients work as hard as they can, while still enjoying their session.

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