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My course and mentorship package is success focussed. I have personally selected the courses and Mentorships, based on a timeline that will help you become the best you can, and keep you at that level.

I want you to help me to deliver the most respected, desired, happiest, highest quality and most work-life balanced trainers to the industry, by becoming one.  See why I packaged over £12000 of my products and certificates to get you to the level that will keep you happy in the industry, in the way you want to be, for the rest of your career!

Certifications through Active IQ – (Offical Standard Certificates to give you Industry recognised minimums)
Level 2 – Gym Instructor
Level 3 – Diploma in Personal Training
Level 4 – Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

Faster Online Courses Taught by John 1-1 and his team online with access to the group learning –

Games for Pain
Stop Turn Accelerate XL
Full Spectrum Mobility Specialist
Biomechanics to Strength
Movement Programming Mentorship
Injury Rehabilitation Specialist  

Business Support –
#FSQUAD  – 1 Year Membership
John Hardy Business Coaching for 6 Months
International Presenter Group – 6 Month Membership

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Below is the list with links to all the components of training and mentoring I think you need to get you to fulfil your potential as a trainer and a business in the fitness industry. This is the nearest I can get to guarantee you success in the industry.  It covers certification, technical skills, business skills, writing and content creation skills, presenting skills, social media content strategies, 1-1 problem solving across all aspects of your career AND it will give you a support community with updated information for the rest of your career for free if you choose to keep using it.

All you need to do is to bring the work rate and motivation.

Certifications through Active IQ – (Offical Standard Certificates to give you Industry recognised minimums, worth £3500 bought individually) 
Level 2 – Gym Instructor
Level 3 – Diploma in Personal Training
Level 4 – Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

Faster Online Courses Taught by John 1-1 online with access to the group learning –
L3 to confident trainer
– Learn how to really understand the tools of your trade, exercises, training tools and programming. This course is designed to help you jump the initial feeling of imposter syndrome that happens when you first start as a Personal Trainer.
Games for Pain  Use the different styles of building games to help clients who are experiencing pain, to learn how to move better and develop the skills that will make them enjoy their training sessions and moving in everyday life. 
Stop Turn Accelerate XL 
 In order to stand out in this industry, it is important you have a host of skills to make your training, fun, dynamic and have great carryover to everyday life or sport.  STA XL is a course that builds up exercises from the speed section of sports performance training, in order to allow you to build amazing workouts that stand out on the gym floor. 
Full Spectrum Mobility Specialist 
 Yoga, Pilates, and Martial Arts are the movement disciplines that inspired this course.  Developed to look at the history of the movements involved in Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts and then applying Science to develop these into a more specific and faster way of getting strength at end range, described as Mobility by the industry.
Biomechanics to Strength  Strength in our industry is built around major lifts, however, for clients it is context-specific.  In this course we deliver a 6-week course that will help you to develop a system of building strength for a client, using traditional lifts or using context-specific exercises.
Movement Programming Mentorship This is a 20-week programme that takes you through a comprehensive set of tasks and content which will make you the best trainer in your gym.  It covers everything from the psychology of understanding and motivating a client, through to the observation skills that will mean you can see every bone, joint and muscle in three planes, in order across all joints for any movement.  It will also give you the ability to train any diagnosed client, in any safe way allowed.  This is the fundamental course that makes FASTER stick out from the rest of the industry. In this course, you will also learn how to define your own questions, research and deliver in a style that is uniquely your own.
Injury Rehabilitation Specialist – 12 weeks of injury specific learning, to help you build programmes that use science to define strategies to avoid or recover from injuries.  This course also looks to define the way pain happens and how it is different from injury.

Business Support (Worth over £5000 bought individually)-
#FSQUAD – This is our ongoing weekly subscription service that provides a weekly focus for you and our network of trainers to ensure that they deliver consistent actions for their business.  Every day you decide to work you will be asked to commit to 3 different actions to improve your business, based on a long term business plan.  It is this that will keep you focussed and on track through the highs and lows of running a business in a competitive industry.

John Hardy Business Coaching for 6 Months – The way I (John Hardy) can personally ensure you have absolutely the best start possible in the industry.  Using my 20+ years in the industry, plus my experience running my own studios, running gyms, helping Personal Trainers to hit levels of success that they could not see when I first met them.  The success includes earning exactly or more than they expected, working with clients that they specifically wanted to target and presenting around the world.

International Presenter Group – A group of trainers with different levels of experience, learning and supporting each other to produce material for their business that will help them establish themselves as the go-to expert in their area.  Called international presenter because our goal is for you to strive to deliver at the level you want, even if that is on the global stage at the fitness conventions.  You get 1 years membership to this, which will give you the skills to present, comfortably, across all mediums available, with clear outcomes for each message.



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