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This is the ultimate Personal Training Career boosting package.  There won’t be a chance to learn so much while connecting with many and building your business.  I will run this for four days and take it down as a package.  It is going to transform your career and business and the content will stay with you for as long as you are in the industry (Mentorship 1/2/3 and Injury Rehab Specialist, as long as they continue as courses).

You need to read below to really understand this deal in full by scrolling down, but here are the highlights.

Sales and Marketing skills, meet-ups and a place where you can be held accountable
Mentorship 1,2,3 the most information we can give you to make you technically the best trainer in the area
Injury Rehabilitation Specialist – Learn to train people with pain and injuries
A personalised App and client management membership

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You are a Personal Trainer, you are struggling more than you want to.  It feels like you work in a team, yet you are alone.  The information going around online is so polar opposite, you are told to do an exercise one minute and then stop using it the next minute, sometimes on the same website.

It gets worse, not only do you feel lonely in your team, undervalued and ready to move on, but you also know that the next gym will possibly be the same.

Then your mate introduces you to this page, a page that will help you solve all aspects of a failing or boring Personal Training business.  These products are not courses but have all the content of a course, these products are not really mentoring, yet retain the one to one expert knowledge and meetings, these products are not really networking, but you will get to meet and share with trainers around the world, bot in messenger and on live hangouts.

This package is designed to bring you to the top of your game by doing the following –

– Weekly meetups on Zoom for business, anatomy, physiology, injury recovery, injury prevention, pain science, exercise creation, assessment building, social media strategy and more!
– Online resources through Hive Learning to support you through all the above learning, to share tasks, to give you recaps of the information if you miss the live hangouts
– Community groups on Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, plus on Hive Learning.  These groups are supportive, funny, ego-free places that are lively and great for questions and support.
– Social media content support, we will get the group to help pool talents for everything from creating content to delivering content, you won’t have to worry if you need an accent on a voice over, help with editing, help with an exercise that needs filming or any other problem we can pool together to solve.

You will get access to the following courses (which never end even when you have finished them) –
Mentorship 1,2,3
Injury Rehab Specialist

Additionally, you will get access to the #FSQUAD business group for 6 months.

12 Months membership to My PT Hub with the personalised App

Combined this is worth – £3490!!

Here is the content to expect –

Mentorship 1
Mentorship 1 is the one we call Superhero Side Kick. Let me explain,

When you pass your level 3 course, then you have to make the transition from student to expert. More than that though, you have to become an expert in a gym or an area of experts who probably have more experience than you. This can be disheartening, especially as you have to learn the job, meet new people, make sales, deliver training, teach classes (potentially) all while still finding your feet with the material.

Additionally, you now have it harder than other generations of Personal Trainers, because you have to compete with and participate in social media. When you have joined an industry to help people and you get these new challenges, then you need more than a business plan or another 12 courses to complete. You need a mentor and a plan!

In mentorship 1 you will get access to the course designed to help you through these first challenges. Our focus is to help you to develop a process of your own, that will help you to find clients, talk to them easily, help them achieve their goals (that they often hide from you and themselves), and to help teach them how to tell your story so they will refer more clients to your business.

The journey we take you on will consist of 13 tasks which we support with online pre-recorded videos and bi-weekly lectures –
1 – How to identify potential clients
2 – How to approach potential clients
3 – Finding their carrot and their stick
4 – Building your rounded skill set
5 – Social Media – Finding the skill in the popular programme
6 – Energy Systems – Building for feeling and specific results through the intensity of an exercise
7 – Social Media – Deconstructing popular exercises
8 – Planning for specific goals on the Faster Skill Development – Performance scale
9 – Removing the risk from the cool exercise
10 – Building a Plan for sales and marketing, price setting and social media post goals
11 – Social Media – Deconstructing a popular programme to identify the 5 Faster skills
12 – Adapting exercises to specifically hit muscle groups
13 – Utilising the Mentorship 1 content to build a Faster SETS card workout

It is more than just a set of modules though, as you go through these tasks, using the online pre-recorded content, and the bi-weekly lessons you will start to grow as a Personal Trainer. Your eyes will be open to the tricks of the industry and you will start to build better more specific training programmes for your client. This will help them see results quicker and it will feel great as they send you texts full of pride and probably more clients.

Mentorship 2
Mentorship 2 is the one we call Street Superhero.  Let me explain,

When you have been in the industry for a while and you know that you need something else, you want to work with a wider range of clients and you want to develop your own style. In order to do this you need to own your craft and then build further skills and techniques on top of that.  This is the course that will drive home all the parts of the craft you will need to grow your business, client base and programming skills.  We take this level to help you learn to develop an almost unlimited library of exercises (that you build), along with the ability to take a client accurately and then we link you to like-minded trainers who will help you build your business.

This is going to be your way of feeling confident in what you do and how you do it, you will be able to own building content for your website, social media accounts and your classes will rock.  More than that though, you will be fully confident with clients with any goal. We labelled this level Street Superhero because you will master the full range of techniques that the best trainers, trained elsewhere will have.

This journey will consist of 27 tasks with supporting pre-recorded videos and online live bi-weekly lectures –
1 – Building opening lines and analysing status for success
2 – Going in deep with the Why Why So So technique
3 – Setting goals with meaningful routes from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation
4 – Defining movements required for client success
5 – Joint actions and reasons for requirement across all of the FASTER defined skills
6 – Deconstructing and rebuilding a viral programme using the FASTER skill development/performance continuum
7 – Applying the effects of energy systems to gain physical results
8 – How to recognise and build the individual and Big eight movement possibilities across all major joints
9 – Muscle movement reaction recognition
10 – Deconstructing a viral exercise programme using the FASTER anatomy of exercise criteria
11 – Programming for weight loss using the SETS card
12 – Programming for muscle definition using the SETS card
13 – Assessing the requirements for movement, skill and performance assessments for clients
14 – Building accurate movement, skill and performance assessments for clients
15 – Coaching for 10 for Performance and Mindful Movement
16 – Building Skill Clusters for the 5 Skills (creating 45 exercises)
17 – Building Skill Clusters for the Upper Body in Skill Development (45 exercises)
18 – Building Skill Clusters for the Lower Body in Skill Development (45 exercises)
19 – Building Skill Clusters for the Upper Body in Performance Development (45 exercises)
20 – Building Skill Clusters for the Lower Body in Performance Development (45 exercises)
21 – Applying the Faster Exercise Generator for one muscle in Skill Development (45 exercises)
22 – Fatigue and Central Governer
23 – Loading performance criteria for top speed
24 – Loading performance criteria for acceleration
25 – Deconstructing the effects of resistance equipment on Gravity, Ground Reaction and Momentum
26 – Injury strategies from Injury to Performance
27 – Full programming

Mentorship 3
Mentorship 3 is the one we call Superhero. Let me explain,

At some point, you will reach the point, where being the best at the skills the others trainer have, is just not enough. Now is the time to find you. It is where you will need the craft to build on, the strategies that allow you to develop your own style and information and then the network to make sure you stay on top of your game, you have a collection of people who understand the process and are willing to support you with it. This would include sharing studies, helping with clients, sharing contacts and all the other benefits of being part of this collection of people.

The superhero part of this course is found in the craft we share with you. After spending over 20+ years in the industry, helping trainers reach the top of their potential and our industry, the skills you will learn will accelerate your progress to help you achieve your goals in the industry.

The journey consists of the following tasks with support pre-recorded videos and live lessons online bi-weekly –
1 – Avoiding Industry pitfalls using the FASTER system of filtering information
2 – The Anatomy of an Exercise explored for exercise creation
3 – Defining an overview of Long-term Programming for specific outcomes
4 – How to define the exact experience required to get the client to achieve success while staying motivated and positive
5 – Programming for experience
6 – How to locate, evaluate and compile research for all trainers
7 – Applying the BIE in (Biomechanics, Intensity, Experience) system for evaluating client needs
8 – Deconstructing the anatomy of an assessment
9 – Fatigue Management Review
10 – Defining all bone motions
11 – Predicting all Muscle Actions (PAM) in all different plane combinations across all the major joints
12 – HMAC 7 – How to predict all bone, joint, and muscle activity in any movement at the important parts of a motion
13 – Applying Energy System knowledge to build specific outcome programmes
14 – Build 3 programmes where the biomechanics and intensity is based on specific research
15 – Build 14 exercise clusters for each component of a skill for skill development (98 Exercises)
16 – Build 14 exercise clusters for each component of a skill for performance enhancement (98 Exercises)
17 – Dissecting the 7 components of forces provided by training tools (RULE THE TOOL)
18 – Building long-term exercise routes from skill development to performance enhancement
19 – From HMAC to full long-term programme design
20 – Injury research and programme application
21 – Pain Science and exercise design
22 – Collecting information for an exercise experience
23 – The three-act programme design process

Injury Rehab Specialist

Module 1 – FASTER Process – How we find and filter research, building back from experience, the what and how they want it principle, how to identify and change emotion, skill development and performance development, building specific assessments and how we utilise biomechanics.

Module  2 – Biomechanics – This is the section where we share the HMAC eyes.  It is the ability to start to predict movement across bones, joints and muscles in all different kinds of movement.  Taking the idea of a reaction from a movement from one or two bones and watching the predicted ripple through the body.  Then it is a case of deconstructing this and showing why that will probably never happen.

Module 3 – Brain and the Nervous System – We consider this the bedrock of the course, as the human body and its mechanical nature break down because we have a brain that responds to the nervous system.  This section looks at sensations, interpretation of sensation and finally how this produces an emotional response. The effect of mood will then be played into this to help set up the rest of the course.

Module 4 – Injury – This module re-caps injury, defining them and then showing how to find a body of evidence to support a treatment.  Also, this is a section where we discuss recovery times and treatments to highlight how sham therapies make it into our world.

Module 5 – Pain – Misunderstood by so many, in so many ways.  In the biomedical model, it is about correcting the structure, in the Biopsychosocial model it is about the emotion related to sensation.  The result is that we have a lot of techniques and little understanding of possibly the most asked about aspects of our work. During this module, we will look at the research, different kinds of pain and start to work on how to deliver solutions to our clients.

Module 6 – Prediction and Prevention of Injury – Focussed on the injuries that are non-impact and often acute, this module is about finding ways of predicting and preventing clients from falling into pain.  It is in this module we will use the best science for our answers and possibly rule out some well thought of techniques that are used because of convention rather than evidence.

Module 7 – Skill Development – Skill is the descriptive term for having the sequencing of muscles to ensure that a client can perform a task.  This sequence can be lost due to pain or injury and although that is useful initially as a way of protecting a client, these new movement sequences may in the end cause more issues. In this module, we assess techniques for improving and discovering skill (sometimes required if an injury causes a permanent change to a joint, bone or muscle).

Module 8 – Performance Training – In this course, Performance, really means accurate utilisation of skill in the environments that the client will need to perform.  This could be as small a task (for the abled body), as sitting in a chair, or as difficult a task as perfecting the golf swing.  Performance Training and techniques to improve it become extremely important when it someone is recovering from an injury due to the fact that they have to find ways of completing tasks while suffering pain or weakness.

Module 9 – Exercise Creation – Whatever you currently do with clients regarding exercise selection, this module will open the door to creating an almost unlimited amount of alternative exercises, progressions and regressions.  We use a system called the exercise generator, which taps into a system of being accurate yet creative with exercise design.  In this module, we also explore how to evaluate and use any training tool available on the market.

Module 10 – Communication – To steal a term from legendary improviser, Dave Razowsky, this is about tissue level listening.  Meaning that in communication, you have the ability to change emotion with a client, and so the accuracy of your delivery has to be on the mark.  Here we look at different points of view that will allow you to deliver a consistent message through your marketing, and in person delivery.  This is the first stage of building an experience-based programme and also the most powerful of the modules in our experience training Therapists so far.

Module 11 – Assessment – With the information you have at this point, the need for a client and clinic/therapist specific assessment will be vital.  In this module, we show how to build a scientifically and client-focused assessment for all clients that require one.  Working from interview to a biomechanical assessment.

Module 12 – Experiential Exercise Design – Brining everything in the course together, this is about the way a set of exercises are laid out in order to create a story like experience.  In this system, it is possible to build a change in emotion within the client, which as we will have discovered, everything to a client in pain.

This is our business community, which we give to you for 12 months when you have completed your level 2/3 course. #FSQUAD is the place to go to find content on how to run your business, find a route for your career, get to more clients, convert more clients and more.

#FSQUAD is on version 2, which launches in September 2018 and is built around live hangouts where we use Q&A as well specific lectures and guests to help you not only run your business but also to grow it to allow you to have the life you want.

Featuring –
How to build your brand
How to build videos, blogs and other media to support your message
Career advice to help you get the best roles in the positions you want to work
Long-term planning focussing on – Product, Marketing and Finance the three keys to success
Monthly sharing of – Product, Marketing and Finance the three keys to success
Weekly sharing of – Product, Marketing and Finance the three keys to success
Daily sharing of – Product, Marketing and Finance the three keys to success

Live –
Once a year get together live
Bi-weekly online meeting/call to develop skills and share experience.
Guest experts to contribute to the content and run one off live calls

Your Personalised App, Client Manager and Trainer Page
In order to solve the problem of being known as a professional, organised and able to work with clients easily, we now have a system to help you. Using our brand as a way of helping you have credibility through association to the community of trainers, and by working on SEO for your specific page, we are building a trainer register that is free and focussed on finding you, new clients. When we find a client we take no fee or commission either, these will be your clients!

To do this, now as part of signing up with the Level 2/3, we will get you to use the My PT hub system (you will get the first year for free with your white labelled app paid for by FASTER), to give you a platform that will help you to –

Add an unlimited number of clients
Create unlimited training plans
Create unlimited nutrition plans
Track your client’s progress and results
Upload and Store Documents
Accept online payments
Manage accounts, billing and receipts
iOS and Android Apps
Custom App and branding
Create unlimited custom forms
7,500+ Exercises
600,000+ Food Items
Public Calendar
Event Creation
Custom Exercises
Custom Food Items
Barcode Scanner
Macro Calculator
External Calendar Sync.
Progress Photos
Fitbit Integration

Plus loads more features to make you stand out against your competition. You may also use the Powered by FASTER logo and link to your page on our website.



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