Online Personal Training Skills

£275.00 £50.00

LAUNCHES MARCH 30TH 2020 at 11 am

I wrote this course for FASTER trainers as a gift to help them get through the Coronavirus.  It has been very successful for them and their clients, it has allowed them to keep the majority of their clients training, and it has also meant that they have not had to resort to dropping their price or giving away content for free.

This is what you will learn on the course –

  • Important Software and Set-up
  • The 3 Components of successful training sessions
  • Energy Systems
  • Exercise Design
  • Programming an Experience
  • Delivery Styles
  • Daily Actions
  • Clearly defining services
  • How to find and promote your voice
  • The anatomy of a great post for social media
  • How to use video, podcasts and blogs
  • Building a Calendar of Actions
  • Referrals
  • Setting your online prices
  • Collecting Money
  • Negotiating a Sale

This course is all pre-written and filmed, but we do support this with live online lessons if you need extra help.



This course was written for the FASTER trainers, to help them to make the step from live in-person to live online, during the Coronavirus lockdown.  It was written as a gift to help them.  For all FASTER trainers on all the different courses, then this will always be free.  I want to ensure that each trainer in the FASTER family is prepared to be able to teach in all different situations.

Making your personality and energy translate from live in person in a gym, to online, is a skill that is not far from converting a person from being funny in a pub to being a stand-up comedian.  As in you need to understand exactly what it is that makes you, you, and what your client expects from a session.  A lot of the experience you deliver is reactive and the skills this course teach won’t necessarily be new, however knowing how to recognise when to use these skills and then applying them accurately every time is amazing.

This course, if you choose to complete each component, will challenge you to find your voice, understand how your already amazing knowledge and skills work, and it will improve your 1-1 in-person training too.  Some of the trainers I have worked with on this have made half of their business online and live, and they have not dropped their price as part of the process!