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You have completed your Level 3 or qualification in Personal Training, and now you have to go on to the gym floor, in to the park, in to a home, and charge people money for your training skills.  It is daunting, you might feel a little bit of imposter syndrome kicking in.  After all the Personal Training qualification is good, it gives you a place to start, but it is not comprehensive and can leave you feeling vulnerable.

After spending years getting trainers from a place of shy and new through to the level of being able to deliver great training sessions to clients of all backgrounds and with all different abilities. I have helped 100’s of trainers around the world, to make that first important step into the industry and then to grow into positions such as A’list celebrity trainers, Sports Performance Experts, PT Studio Owners and trainers who are successfully earning good money and working the right amount of hours to live a great life.

This course starts within 24 hours of signing up, where you will get access to the course material on our Hive Learning elearning group.  On here you will be able to go through each module, completing the tasks and getting feedback from these from John Hardy (me) so that you can learn and get better.  If required you will get the feedback by video or even conference call.

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Level 3 to Confident Personal Trainer

This course is a 6 module course which is designed to help you find your feet as a Personal Trainer. Each module has a task, and each task is fed back on when you complete it.  The course is run on Hive Learning and delivers content in the form of text, video and examples to show you how to develop from the brand new Personal Trainer, into the confident Personal Trainer that can write programmes and deliver exercise with a confidence that will help you with client sales and retention.

Each module is designed to help you take a small step from the exercises that you have learned on the Level 3 course (or for our international trainers, from CPT or equivalent).

Module 1 – Understanding Clients
Module 2 – How Exercises Work and How to Build your Own Teaching Points
Module 3 – Identifying the Muscles in an Exercise
Module 4 – Loading an Exercise
Module 5 – Movement Variables
Module 6 – Defining Skills and Performance
Module 7 – Building an Exercise Library that makes other trainers Envious
Module 8 – Understanding the Long term and Short term affects of Energy System training
Module 9 – Programming Components – Building exercise combinations
Module 10 – Programming in a way that brings clients back
Module 11 – Building a Long-term plan for your client
Module 12 – Building a plan to improve your practice

Many of these tasks can be used to help you build an online presence, providing you with a system to create content that your potential clients will love.


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