Games for Pain


When a client walks in for the first time, then are you confident that whatever diagnosis they have been given, then you can deal with it?  Are you sure that you know how to build a programme that specifically engages a client from all backgrounds of chronic pain and injury?

This course is built around the Biopsychosocial model, and shows how to utilise games (meaningful movement) in order to help the most difficult of clients to move more, better and feel better.

Ollie is renown for helping clients with backgrounds of many different disabilities, affecting the mind or the body or both.  He shows in this course how to work with other professionals and how to get creative to help clients get the most from their sessions.

As part of the course, you get access not only to Ollie’s online videos but also to Ollie’s exclusive blog on Games for Pain as well as being able to speak with him directly to help you help clients.

The course is delivered by the Hive Learning app, and browser-based elearning platform too.


This is an online course from Ollie.  Watch the video to learn more –