FTE – XL 2020 Relaunch


This is the ultimate FASTER course and designed for Trainers, Therapists or Performance Coaches who already have both qualifications and experience in the industry.

The course comes with an open invitation to come back every year and includes weekly seminars which are often live and left on the eLearning page to make sure you can keep up in your own time if you miss the live sessions.  Additionally, we meet up twice a year, for four days each, in Nottingham UK, where you will have 4 days of making friends and learning the technical plus delivery skills required to help you lead the industry.

As well as the core curriculum you will get access to an optional set of modules on business, presenting and nutrition.  As a top member of our student groups, you will also get access to the majority of the mentorships we deliver, for free.  This year you will also get access to our FSQUAD and Presenter groups.  This makes the course price value on its own!  Scroll down to see the course content and the courses you get as part of this package.

Sign up today and get the following for free —>
FSQUAD for a year (business support course) – worth £1680
International Presenter Group Membership 1 year – worth £4500

As part of being an FTE you also have the benefits of career access to –
Mentorship in Movement Programming online – Worth £1800
Stop Turn Accelerate XL online – Worth £1200
Games for Pain online – Worth £225
Injury Rehabilitation Specialist online – Worth £1200
Collision! – Worth £1200
Faster Group Training XL online – Worth £1200
Full Spectrum Mobility Training online – Worth £1200
Biomechanics to Strength online – Worth £600
Biomechanics to Performance in Golf online – Worth £1200

You know it is time to be the best trainer you can be. It is the time to be able to present courses, products as well as generate new clients and a better price through your knowledge, network and personal growth.

This course has been designed to make you the best you can be in the industry. This course has been built backwards from success. During the past 13 years of building trainers, we have developed trainers who smash it in the industry.

We have leading trainers in,
Personal Training
Sports Performance
Injury recovery
Studio Ownership
International Presenting
as well as representing some of the UK’s most prominent corporate companies in highly regarded positions.

Once you join you never pay again to come back on the course, so this might seem a lot of time and money for a year, but we have trainers who have been returning for the last ten years! Then it is the bargain of a lifetime.

Below are the payment options and further below are the dates and all the content. The price increases as the course start date approaches, so jump in when you can.

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The schedule is below.  Each week new content will go on to our online learning App (Hive Learning) and it will consist of reading, watching and some weeks jumping online for group discussions and lessons. Plan to spend 90 minutes a week on this, but also know if you want to do more then you can.

Compulsory Content Overview
34 Online lessons delivered live with a recording available within 2 days of the live talk
Twice yearly 4 days get-togethers

Non-Compulsory Content – Online
Business Skills

Schedule –

February 3rd – Personal and Course Goal Setting / Introductions
February 10th – Goal Setting for Clients
February 17th – Defining outcomes and designing specific research questions
February 24th – Research skills for Trainers and Presenters
March 2nd – Observing – Stimulus – Emotion – Feeling – Response
March 9th – Managing clients Stimulus – Emotion – Feeling – Response
March 16th – Observing Motion through Bones – Joints – Muscles
March 23rd – Understanding Skill Development
March 30th – Understanding Performance
April 6th – Creating specific and transferable movement for loading
April 13th – Building Exercise routes from beginner to advanced
April 20th – Injuries of the Lower body with solutions
April 27th – Injuries of the Upper body with solutions
May 4th – Understanding Pain
May 11th – Introducing experienced-based programme design
May 18th – Designing workouts with a story for skill development
May 25th – Designing workouts with a story for performance enhancement

LIVE DATES at the Castle Pub in the Conference Room, Nottingham
June 4th – 11 – 4 – Head to toe Anatomy practical
June 5th – 11 – 4 – Observing and predicting a motion practical
June 6th – 11 – 4 – Designing and loading exercise practical
June 7th – 11 – 4 – Designing and delivering exercise programmes practical

June 15th – Barriers to clients success – Nutrition
June 22nd – Barriers to clients success – Motivation
June 29th – Barriers to clients success – Injury
July 6th – Barriers to clients success – Pain
July 13th – How to build movement games
July 20th – How to develop specific speed in performance
July 27th – How to develop specific strength and power in performance
August 3rd – Finding your coaching voice
August 10th – Expressing and presenting your coaching voice
August 17th – Presenting to groups online and live
August 24th – Presenting to groups online and recorded – Planning
August 31st – Presenting to groups online and recorded – Building
September 7th – Presenting to groups online and recorded – Reviewing
September 14th – Building your public profile
September 21st – Programming for clients with injuries
September 28th – Programming for clients with weight loss or weight gain goals
October 5th – Programming for clients in performance

LIVE DATES at the Castle Pub in the conference room, Nottingham
October 8th – 11 – 4 – Finding your confidence speaking in front of groups
October 9th – 11 – 4 – Delivering your message skill development focus
October 10th – 11 – 4 – Delivering your message – refining your delivery skills
October 11th – 11 – 4 – Final presentations

Catch up and connecting calls –
October 12th and 26th
November 9th and 23rd
December 14th
January 11th

Non-Compulsory Content

  • Nutrition Overview
  • Understanding Biochemistry
  • Understanding Digestion
  • Understanding Metabolism
  • Understanding Macronutrients
  • Understanding Micronutrients
  • Understanding Hydration
  • Bioavailability and Food/ Supplement Choices
  • Managing Energy intake and expenditure
  • Long Term Change – Weight Loss
  • Long Term Change – Hypertrophy
  • Short Term – Pre and Post Exercise Nutrition
  • Short Term – Managing the Exercise Period
  • Specifics – Weight dependent Sports Event
  • Specifics – Endurance Athlete Nutrition
  • Special Populations – Illness
  • Special Requirements – Eating Disorders

Business Skills

  • Introduction
  • Brand building 1
  • Brand building 2
  • Finding Voice
  • Building MAYA
  • Designing Compelling Stories
  • Understanding Beats
  • Examples of moving through the story arc
  • Designing Compelling videos
  • Designing Compelling Blogs
  • Designing Compelling Podcasts
  • Delivering Voice
  • Delivering Visuals
  • Presenting
  • Finding a following
  • Networking for work
  • Building a 3 year Plan
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Daily OMF week

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