Content Creation Club


This is the brand new group, that comes free with #FSQUAD membership, or can be bought separately for just £100 joining fee and then £15 a week taken via direct debit.

The group is focussed on building and delivering content into the industry so that you can stay ahead of your competition.  With requested content that is pre-recorded to help you get through the tough and annoying tasks (how to record stuff, lighting, how to upload) and then live bi-weekly meetings with content and tasks.

If you value your business and want to stay competitive with the generation of trainers and consumers that expect you to have a presence online, then you need to be part of this collaborative group.

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Content Creation Club

If you are not creating videos, blogs, podcasts and live streaming events then you are probably at best not going to grow your business and at worst, lose business to the people who know how to dominate that part of the industry.

The content creation club is a mixture of a media support group, bi-weekly lessons and tasks to help you build and deliver amazing content, a community to network with and a way of holding you accountable for building and delivering information to your client base.

On the Hive Group, we are creating a member lead set of instructional videos, and guides to help with everything technical around building your digital media plan and bringing it to the market.  You will be able to request these and we will add them, some of the content will include how to render videos, upload videos, simple and advanced editing techniques and more.  It is a community lead content program, so you get to decide what content we add to help you.

Every other week we will run hangouts to discuss and plan content.  Additionally, if you are weak in certain skills we will help each other, sharing our own skills in exchange for yours.  Maybe you need someone to do a few pull-ups and you can swap them for your voiceover.  It might just be to get people to interview for a podcast.  Either way, this group is going to be as strong as our collaboration and the numbers of people in it.

All these run from 10am GMT to 11am GMT – 45-minute lecture and 15-minute task.  Although we will focus on one are of delivery, also we will be planning to release videos, blogs, podcasts and supporting these with likes, shares etc.

Additionally, the Content Club will have a growing library of online content that is pre-recorded and built to help our group go through the technical steps to building video, blogs and podcasts.

To stay in this club people will be required to participate.

8th – October – Story Structure finding beats
22nd – October – Story Structure planning the turn
5th – November – Story Structure matching dialogue and visuals
19th – November – Story Structure building arcs
3rd – December – Story Structure long-term planning

14th – January – Building your personality online
28th – January – How to deliver character through voice
11th – February – Watching your words, the importance of detail
25th – February – How to be funny, not stupid or strange on video
11th – March – Going live in a compelling way
25th – March – Building an interactive live video
8th – April – Creating content with writers’ block
22nd – April – Avoiding normal to create extraordinary content
6th – May – Utilising popular TV formats to create compelling content
20th – May – The art of voiceover