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This product costs £120 to join and then it costs £30 a week taken by direct debit.  With weekly drop-ins and an initial business plan consultation process with John (our MD and owner and person typing this), you will get an individualised plan to help you get the most from this amazing resource and group.

#FSQUAD is a group focussed on building you an adapting and growing business that helps you earn what you want, and enjoy the aspects of your job, while learning from a community of Fitness business people.

The group has an online pre-recorded and written area to help with the skills you require to manage, build and grow your business.  As the community in this group grows, then so will the collective mind that will grow our businesses and keep us on the forefront of the industry.

Read below to see the current set of lectures that we will be running to support this and our community of trainers who are focussed to grow.

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This group is focussed on building and then maintaining your business.  New for 2018, I have added structure and accountabilty to the group so that you can get the best from what we do.  Every Monday at 10am GMT, you will need to jump online.  We alternate weeks between #FSQUAD content and Creative Content Club content, in an effort to make sure you have the most successful business possible.

As well as weekly

  • Weekly online meet-ups on business and content development through the Content Creation Club Membership
  • Meet-ups at courses/conventions
  • Hive Group for sharing OMF (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly planning for Operations, Marketing and Finances


#FSQUAD Business Zoom Meetings 1 hour a week most weeks

All these run from 3pm to 4pm Every Monday

Long-term planning
Building a 3rd Circle Service
Marketing in the PT offseason
Multiple sources of Income
Planning your way through December
Building a 2019 Plan of Action
Virtual Christmas Party
Planning a price increase
Developing leads in the community
Presenting to corporate clients
Following and converting leads
The art of writing newsletters
How to get the interest of the local and national press (PR)
Digital advertising
Career Planning
How to cope with hard business times
How to get to A’list clients
How to charge a fair but top end price
Story Structure finding beats
Story Structure planning the turn
Story Structure matching dialogue and visuals
Story Structure building arcs
Story Structure long-term planning
Building your personality online
How to deliver character through voice
Watching your words, the importance of detail
How to be funny, not stupid or strange on video
Going live in a compelling way
Building an interactive live video
Creating content with writers’ block
Avoiding normal to create extraordinary content
Utilising popular TV formats to create compelling content
The art of voiceover


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