Bodyweight Mastery Course – Level 1

£160.00 £120.00

Learn to teach your clients the new Movement Belt system, written by Scott Devenney and FASTER Health and Fitness.

This is an online course designed to help you take body weight training and make it a programmable workout that you can easily sell as a course. Your clients will get the chance to progress through our belt system that shows how good they are at moving and controlling their own body weight.

The course comes with assessments and is hosted on our new e-learning platform that also acts as an ever growing exercise and workout library. Hive Learning will allow you to see the course on your phone, iPad and computer.

Once you have signed up, then Scott will email you with the course assessment documents and also an invite to the group on Hive Learning. Then you can start to build your knowledge and get your clients excited about developing movement skills.


This course is online and comes with the following –

How to develop body control and movement skills
How to coach better performance
How to build exercise clusters from an exercise generator

Additionally, as this is hosted on Hive Learning, every new student will increase the content and idea sharing. Scott will be available to answer questions and help you develop via this system as well.

This is the first course with more belts released shortly.