Biomechanics to Strength


You love lifting, and you want to lift more.  However, the standard exercises, the accessory exercises, are just not cutting it for you or your clients.  It’s a pain because the exercises should make sense, but they often do not.  Especially if you have the eyes of a coach, or you have a background in a sport.  So why is this?  How could these systems of training feel difficult to do and yet make no real difference to the lifts you are trying to get yourself or your clients better at?

This course is aimed at answering those questions, by delivering the research behind improving your lifts.  Looking at the bones, joints and muscles role in each movement, and then applying the science of motor skill development, and performance enhancement in order to build an individual solution for each client.

The course is 6 weeks long and requires you to do one hour a week watching videos, either live as they happen via Zoom or online in Hive Learning a day later.  Additionally, each week will require you to complete a task and submit it for feedback.  As with all FASTER courses, you will be invited back to be part of the community for each subsequent course after yours, for no extra cost. This will allow you to discover all the different layers of the course.


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Biomechanics to Strength

The biomechanics to strength course was designed out of frustration.  Two authors, James and John, both with MSc’s in Sports Performance and both frustrated to see research misused, if used at all, to help athletes and now regular clients with their lifting.  Lifting and strength training has been important for our industry, lots of people get a lot from it.  Even though some claims about strength training has been overhyped or misinterpreted from the research.

Our course is not about pulling apart a style of training, but instead to help enhance a coaches ability to build better strength in their athletes or regular clients.

The following modules are all 1-hour talks which we record if you cannot make them live.  Each week as well as the new module, you will also be set a task to complete, which will help you to learn all the skills required to make you better at improving a clients strength.

Module 1 – Defining Movement
Module 2 – Discovering and Defining Types of Strength through Load and Energy Systems
Module 3 – Breaking Down Lifts
Module 4 – Breaking Down Strength Requirements for the Client
Module 5 – Understanding the Science of Skill Development and Performance Enhancement
Module 6 – Building a Long and Short Term plan for Strength Development

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