Name: Pete Fry

Nickname: Géte

Courses Completed:

FASTER Circuit Trainer

Advanced Functional Trainer – Performance

Advanced Functional Trainer – Injury Prevention

Assess Coach Train

Specialist Functional Performance

Specialist Functional Therapy

Obsessed About Performance Lifting

Obsessed About Energy Systems

Training In’Tension

Rule The Kettlebell Course

Available To Mentor: FASTER Circuit Trainer, Advanced Functional Trainer.

About: I love my job and my work in the fitness industry has enabled me to work with people from all walks of life, from International Athletes, European Champions and National Level Runners, to Physiotherapists and housewives alike. My goal in the fitness industry is two fold – 1. to help as many people as possible move better, train better, avoid injury where possible and get to their fitness goals fast, and 2. to mentor other trainers and help them understand movement, what it is and what it is doing, and how to train their clients better. My movement passion is Martial Arts – I have 12 years experience (and counting) training in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Pricing: £45/hour

Website: www.sportfunction.com

Email: info@sportfunction.com